40 Bizarre Things Liberals Have Called Racist

What’s not racist to liberals at this point?

Liberals in America are absolutely obsessed with race. A disagreement between a white man and a black man? Must be because of race. Something bad happens to a black American? Must be because of racism. Liberals are unhappy about something? Racism has to be at the root of it. If it rains at an NAACP picnic? Systemic racism must have caused it somehow. It’s hard to understand how anyone could take it seriously at this point, but liberals at least claim they do.

It's easy enough to rail against false charges of racism, but if you want to get an idea of how laughable it has become, take a look at this lengthy list of things liberals have called racist. Since you’d have to be braindead to look at this list and think they’re all legitimate, maybe, just maybe, if people can look at this list and admit that a lot of them are false, then it MIGHT make them start questioning the never-ending list of things liberals call racist, white supremacist, bigoted, prejudiced, or white privilege, which is what they should have been doing all along.

PS: This list could have just as easily been 50, 100, or 150 items long, but 40 should be enough for people to get the point.

PS #2: The typical comeback to something like this is a person pointing at one of these items and saying, “Well, I’m a liberal and I don’t believe in that one, so most liberals don’t believe in these.” However, the reality is that charges of racism that are this frivolous get treated seriously every day of the week, not just on Twitter or on wacky comment sections, but in colleges, corporations, and in the mainstream media.

1) The A-OK sign: How did the OK sign become a symbol of white supremacy? (Despite the fact most people now seem aware that this is a 4chan hoax, liberals STILL bought into it.)

2) Babies: Google ‘Antiracism’ Training Says 3-Month-Old Babies Are Racist

3) Ben Shapiro: Leaked Docs at Google Expose 'Anti-Racism' Initiative: Ben Shapiro Listed in 'White Supremacy Pyramid'

4) A black, conservative commentator: Candace Owens Is At It Again, Coming Out Her Black Face to Whitesplain Away the Impact of White Supremacy

5) Black holes: Now Space Is Racist: Ivy League Class Highlights Connection Between Black Holes and Black People

6) A black Republican running for governor: CNN's Stelter allows guest to call Larry Elder a 'white supremacist' unchallenged

7) A black Republican woman who became the Lieutenant Governor of Virginia: Liberal MSNBC guest calls Winsome Sears a 'Black mouth' for 'White supremacist practices'

8) Calling the COVID-19 virus, which is from China, the “China Virus:” NFL exec apologizes for saying words ‘China Virus’ after meaning of ‘racist slur’ is redefined

9) Capitalism: Report: Verizon Diversity Training Teaches America, Capitalism Are Racist

10) Colorblindness: Colorblindness: the New Racism?

11) Dr. Seuss: Is It Time to Cancel Dr. Seuss Due to Racist Imagery?

12) Enforcing immigration law: Institutional Racism in Enforcing Immigration Law

13) Farmer’s markets: OH, COME ON! Farmer’s Markets Now Being Called Racist!

14) The FIFA soccer video game: ‘FIFA’ Soccer Video Game Promotes Racism

15) The flag and police: University of Alabama Dean: American Flag and Police Represent ‘Systemic History of Racism’

16) Hoop earrings: A Message From the Latinas Who Made the ‘White Girl, Take OFF Your Hoops’ Mural

17) Hospitals: Actor Jodie Turner-Smith Gave Birth at Home Because of ‘Systemic Racism’ in Hospitals

18) Jingle Bells: 'Jingle Bells' rooted in racism, Boston University professor says

19) Legal votes: Leading ‘anti-racist’ prof calls the term ‘legal vote’ ‘racist’

20) Abe Lincoln (Of course, he freed the slaves.): San Francisco Wants to Rename Abraham Lincoln High School: Former POTUS ‘Stained by Racism’

21) Math: Is mathematics racist? California could blaze pathway with woke math

22) Merit: Why Calling Merit Racist Erases People of Color

23) The National Anthem: Is the US national anthem a racist song?

24) National parks: National Parks Are Latest Target of Systemic Racism Claim in America

25) Niggardly (Which predates the N-word and means miserly.): Is using this N-word (niggardly) a firing offense?

26) Perfectionism and a sense of urgency: University faculty training lists 'perfectionism,' and 'sense of urgency' as indicators of 'white supremacy'

27) Pointing out when people of color are being divisive: Dear White Gay Men: Labeling People of Color "Divisive" Isn't a Critique — It's Racism

28) Rocks: ‘Racist’ rock removed from University of Wisconsin Madison campus

29) Saying you’re not racist: Don’t say ‘I am not a racist’

30) Science, statistics, and technology: According to this professor, 'Science, statistics, and technology are all inherently racist'

31) Single-family home neighborhoods: Academics Claim Single Family Home Neighborhoods Have Legacy of Racism

32) Skiing: How Skiing’s Whiteness Has Affected Me, and How We Can Change It

33) Standard English: Race radicals want to abolish standard English

34) Trees: Racist Trees to Be Removed in Palm Springs

35) The COVID vaccine mandate: Black Lives Matter threatens ‘uprising’ over NYC Mayor de Blasio’s ‘racist’ vax mandate

36) Violence against Asians from non-white people: Prof claims that violence against Asians from non-white people is still caused by ‘white supremacy’

37) Voter ID: How racism underlies voter ID laws: the academics weigh in

38) Wearing a Make America Great Again! hat: Why Trump’s MAGA hats have become a potent symbol of racism

39) White people: Yes My Dear, All White People Are Racists

40) White people reproducing: Professor Claims It’s RACIST For White People To Reproduce

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