5 Nightmare Scenarios That Could Lead to the United States Breaking Up

These look more likely every day

One of the big reasons I created Culturcidal was because I’m deeply concerned not just about whether our kids will have the sort of opportunities that we did when they grow up, but whether this country WILL EXIST when they grow up. It seems entirely possible that it won’t.

That’s not something to wish for, celebrate, or romanticize, but it’s a real possibility and anyone who tells you that it isn’t at this point is just whistling past the graveyard. As our country has declined, a number of scenarios that could lead to the end are starting to seem frighteningly plausible. This is doubly disturbing because, despite the danger, very few people are pointing out how close we’re getting to the edge of a cliff as a nation. Hopefully, before our nation goes over the edge, we’ll pull back from the brink.

1) Bankruptcy/Secession: Human beings can become addicted to things because they can become so immediately focused on the short-term pleasure it will bring them that they block out the long-term pain repeating that same action will cause down the road. Whether you’re talking about cigarettes, meth, or deficit spending, it makes people feel really good at the moment but comes with a terrible cost.

When it comes to the deficit, this year the federal government is expected to take in 3.86 trillion dollars in revenue (which is iffy) and is expected to AT LEAST have a 3 trillion dollar deficit (it will probably be much higher). That’s on top of our current debt which is at $28.7 trillion. If you count the unfunded liabilities the government has such as payments for Social Security and Medicare, estimates vary, but it may very well be closer to 135 trillion dollars. To put this in terms that are easier to understand, imagine your Uncle Sam is making $100,000 per year, spending $200,000 per year, is already more than $700,000 in the hole, and has another $3,000,000+ that he’s promised to people. When you ask him about it, your uncle tells you that he’s rich and so he has no plans to EVER dramatically cut his spending as long as people will keep loaning him money. Would you consider him to be “rich” or someone headed towards a financial disaster the size of the Hindenburg? Exactly.

The government will attempt to get out of this horrible situation by printing more money with nothing to back it, which will inevitably lead to the dollar losing its status as the world’s reserve currency along with ever-faster increasing inflation. Eventually, this will spiral out of control into hyperinflation and what you’re making in a week today eventually won’t be enough to buy you a sandwich. Let me also add that if you think there are smart people in charge who will never let it get that far, you are deluding yourself. Like rats leaving a sinking ship, they’ll just flee to another country when it happens. Most people won’t be able to do that, and they’ll be around when the Social Security, Medicare, and various types of welfare payments either stop coming completely or become so insignificant because of inflation that they’ll be practically meaningless. When people start starving and the inevitable rioting comes, we’ll see a breakdown of law and order because after all, the military and police have to be paid to do their jobs, too. Your life savings will become nearly worthless in no time, the supermarkets will be looted, and the barter system may come back around.

At that point, would it be a shock if some states decided it made more sense to break away from a corrupt, incompetent nation that no other nation in the world would want to trade with or invest in? Imagine the southern states or California, Oregon, and Washington breaking off from the United States, repudiating all debts and declaring themselves new nations. Granted, it could happen before a bankruptcy, but it would be very difficult to sell to the populace as long as Social Security and Medicare payments are still coming. If that money was no longer flowing and there was a possibility of getting out from under that crushing debt, splitting off from the country would look much better. All of this looks much more likely to be a “when” rather than an “if” scenario. It would be nice if that “when” turns out to be decades into the future, but it wouldn’t be a shock if it happened much sooner, even perhaps in the next few years. If and when it does, we should hope that it doesn’t spiral into a 2nd civil war, but no one can guarantee that today.

2) Disbelief of election results: Donald Trump has easily been the loudest and most insistent voice declaring that the presidential election was stolen from him, but he’s far from the only one. Al Gore (“I believe that if everyone in Florida who tried to vote had his or her vote counted properly, that I would have won,”) and Hillary Clinton (“This election was not on the level,”) have essentially said the same thing. Additionally, Democrats have taken to calling pretty much anything and everything they don’t like that’s associated with elections “voter suppression.” Want voter ID? Want dead voters cleaned off the rolls? Don’t want all the votes personally counted by Nancy Pelosi and AOC? Then it’s voter suppression and an attempt to disenfranchise black voters! The people yelling it the loudest, for the most part, don’t believe what they’re saying, they’re just trying to whip up more votes for the next election. However, that’s an extremely dangerous game. So is ignoring all the Republican voters from 2020 who, rightly or wrongly, believe the election was stolen from Trump. Yet and still, the default Democratic position these days largely seems to be to fight any and all attempts to prevent cheating or make elections more transparent.

The problem with all of this, top-to-bottom, is that if the American people start to believe the elections are rigged, then they will conclude we’re an illegitimate dictatorship, not a Republic. If large numbers of Americans from EITHER PARTY were to not just suspect that was the case, but genuinely become sure it was, it’s entirely possible it could lead to terrorist attacks, a revolution, an insurrection, a military coup, or even a civil war. This is why EVERYONE should be a lot more careful about their election rhetoric and work to make sure that we have the most transparent, honest elections humanly possible.  Doing otherwise is risking the very survival of the country.

3) Out of control violent political groups: One of the fundamental principles of good government is that a government should have a monopoly of force. In other words, people want justice handed out according to the agreed-upon law, by trained professionals, not by mobs or groups of thugs. If the cops are not allowed to stop a group like ANTIFA, then the most natural thing in the world is for a group like the Proud Boys to rise up and challenge them. If you allow violent liberal protesters to run wild across your city, eventually they are going to run into a Kyle Rittenhouse who defends himself instead of becoming another one of their victims. Support for each side is going to tend to break down across political lines. So, for example, in the Kyle Rittenhouse case, most liberals tend to believe he’s a murderer while most conservatives tend to believe he was so obviously engaged in self-defense that he shouldn’t even be on trial (raises hand).

The problem with all this is that it can very quickly and easily escalate. For example, the latest ANTIFA/Proud Boys clash predictably featured fights with weapons between the groups, which is now the norm in Portland, but it also escalated into gunfire. The surprise isn’t that it happened, it’s that it didn’t happen sooner and hasn’t gone further. If this is allowed to continue, the bodies will inevitably start to pile up and the killing may become more professionalized. Imagine a sniper on one side killing people on the other or a “Saint Valentine’s Day” massacre of a half-dozen members of one faction. What would happen afterward? Not just pressure to retaliate, but people across the country saying, “they deserved it” or “this is a tragedy” after each bloodbath based almost entirely on which political tribe they’re in. That can quickly inflame the situation and help spread the politically motivated violence everywhere with people across the country organizing for violence out of fear that their neighbors are about to group up and put them in a kill or be killed situation. Once you get to the point where armed groups are killing each other in the streets over political differences across the country, it wouldn’t be a shock if a civil war or secession wasn’t far behind.

4) Rigging the system: The idea that Democrats should rig our political system in their favor has become a mainstream one for them in the last few years. By that, I mean that they want to get rid of the legislative filibuster in the Senate, which would essentially allow a party that controls the House, the Senate, and the Presidency to pass anything they like. Under that legislative scenario, some of their priorities would be stacking the Supreme Court, which would make the Constitution irrelevant and essentially make the SCOTUS a rubber stamp for anything they passed. They also want to create a number of new states, all of which, coincidentally, would add to their totals in the Senate and House. They are also touting a “voting rights bill” that would make it much easier for them to cheat in addition to making ten million plus illegals that would vote for them 4-to-1 into citizens. In other words, what they want to do is stack the deck so heavily in their favor that they would remain permanently in power and if Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema had gone along with it, it’s entirely possible that would have happened.

Of course, had that happened, Republicans would have had three practical options. The first would be a coup if they were competent enough to pull it off. On the other hand, if Democrats hadn’t completed rigging the system and the GOP managed to get fully back into power, the GOP would feel tremendous pressure to play the same game, but better. In other words, they’d need to stack the deck to make sure Democrats could never get back into power. The other possibility, after a time, would be that many Republican states would just say, “We’re not taking orders from people like Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden for the rest of our lives, so let’s secede.” Would that be peaceful? Would it be Civil War part 2? It’s impossible to know, but it would be a natural consequence of effectively changing the United States from a Constitutional Republic into a one-party state.

5) Attempted gun confiscation: “The Turner Diaries” is a notorious “white supremacist Bible” that supposedly motivated Timothy McVeigh to pursue the Oklahoma City Bombing. That book, which is (putting on my critic hat) not particularly well written and features no sympathetic characters, is about a white supremacist revolution in America that begins when the government attempts to confiscate guns from Americans. The author may have been wrong about a lot of things, but it seems likely that he was right that mass gun confiscation would lead to revolution.  Like the dog who chases a car, liberals who advocate this policy, seldom think about the potential consequences of getting their way on this issue. At worst, they think a few conservative yokels would get into firefights with the police and get killed, which they’d consider a feature, not a bug. 

Meanwhile, 22% of Americans say they own a gun and 40% of Americans say they live in a household with a gun. That’s a very large percentage of the population and many of these people are not going to willingly give up their guns because they believe, probably correctly, that it would be a prelude to totalitarianism.

Additionally, in many places, police departments are not going to even try to confiscate weapons from their neighbors, not only because of the potential bloodshed but because they would understand how quickly and easily it could all spiral out of control. If a few bubbas were turned into martyrs after taking on the cops that targeted their homes, the next guy might smarten up and target those officers at their homes. Today people like that get no support from the community and are considered monsters. In a situation like that, where a big part of the population believed they were being disarmed because the government then planned to do something horrible to them, an awful lot of Americans would be cheering them on. It’s very easy to see how it could quickly and easily escalate from there to abusive goon squads kicking in doors and searching homes in the middle of the night, political assassinations, and outright guerilla warfare from the gun owners being targeted. Democrats keep talking about this as if it’s merely another political policy, but many currently law-abiding Americans would rather fight or secede than go along with it. It’s an extremely dangerous policy to advocate and if the naïve people that push it ever get their way, the consequences for the country will be cataclysmic.

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