American Lives Without Purpose

You're meant to do more than consume products and amuse yourself

I once had an acquaintance that was an atheist ask me what it was like to believe in God. I thought about it for a moment and told him something like, “It gives a moral order to the universe.” That’s truer than most people realize because most Americans, even atheists, are essentially living according to a bastardized version of Christian morality. It’s almost like a kid’s game of telephone. It starts with what the Bible actually says. Then there’s the church’s ever-changing, continually softening interpretation of it. Next, there’s the individual who means well but doesn’t understand everything he hears in church, the ex-Christians, the children of the ex-Christians, and so on and so on and so on. Each of them changes things just a bit, usually in a way that makes life easier for them and caters to their own moral failings. By the time they get done with all of that, you end up with the fluffy, nearly meaningless “Be nice to people you agree with, don’t judge anyone, and try to show …

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