Mar 6, 2022Liked by John Hawkins

This essay makes me uncomfortable, because it so often leads to a "shut up, just go along to get along" response. As in the Patrick Swayze example, there is a time to put those kind sentiments away. Where are we at in our dialogue with progressives? Do they respectfully argue, or just immediately name call? You're right, if there's no call to be nasty, don't do it, and you're also correct that if you enjoy that kind of thing you might be a bully or keyboard warrior. But everyone from POTUS on down is happy to call me a fascist and a right-wing extremist, the biggest threat in the world to the United States, (as Biden said last March), so the gloves are already off, at least on their side, so what are the ROE's then? For example, if you object to mask mandates, it's because you don't care about your neighbors, and also that you're anti-science. I hope we do better with this gas price spike and rolling back the stupidity of blocking the Keystone pipeline, but will we get a factual debate, or will we get "stop melting the earth, Mr. planet killer?" Thanks, John

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