Complacency May Soon Be the Death of America

The trouble is that we think we have time

The President of the United States is senile, trying to force Americans with legitimate concerns to take a brand new vaccine, and has essentially decided that we no longer need to have a southern border. One of the most influential people in Congress today is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Why is AOC so influential? She’s pretty (for a member of Congress anyway), has D cups, a big mouth, she’s a good dancer, combative, and she has a flair for the dramatic. That’s pretty much all she brings to the table. She’s famously not very smart. She’s not a wise or particularly moral person. She has no track record of success and there’s very little reason to think she has any idea of what she’s talking about. Yet undeniably, she’s one of the most powerful people in Washington, DC. Here’s what most Americans ask for from their leaders in DC these days:

Regrettably, today’s Republican party is only marginally better than this. Getting beyond politicians, our country can only function day to day by borrowing almost unfathomable amounts of money while printing trillions more backed by absolutely nothing. On a day-to-day basis, even when we plan massive increases in spending, this isn’t discussed by our media although large numbers of very smart people think it will lead to an economic disaster that will make the Great Depression look like Lollapolooza.

Not so long ago, a “poll from the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia showed that 52% of Trump voters and 41% of Biden voters favored red/blue states seceding from the union.” Even though this is the equivalent of hearing a fire alarm go off, smelling smoke, and seeing flames spread across the house, it wasn’t seriously addressed by any of our political leaders and it barely even caused a ripple in the media. Along similar lines, how much are you hearing about Afghanistan these days? There are still hundreds of Americans we abandoned there as we disgracefully fled the country. The general consensus seems to be that our military is unstoppable, but Afghanistan should be a wake-up call. Yes, we temporarily crushed the enemy, but we also spent trillions, lost almost 2,500 American lives (along with another 1,800+ contractors), and stayed there for 20 years to replace the Taliban with… the Taliban. We can have all sorts of legitimate debates about what went wrong, whether the military or the politicians were at fault and whether we should have been trying to rebuild Afghanistan as a democracy at all, but what can’t be argued is that the mission failed. Badly. Yet, our military still seems to be much more worried about promoting diversity than winning wars, while the Chinese military has been working on new hypersonic missiles that could potentially deliver difficult to track, nuclear payloads from the Chinese mainland to the United States in about 2 hours.

Across the country, even as crime surges, we hear talk about “defunding the police” as cops are being told not to stop rioters or shoplifters in some big cities. Drag queens are being asked to read stories to children. Men claiming to be female are being allowed to share restrooms with real women and compete against them in the Olympics. Statues of the Founding Fathers are being taken down, while we’re putting up statues of a criminal and drug addict like George Floyd. During the pandemic we’ve been suffering through, we forced business owners to shut down, then paid their employees not to come back to work once they were allowed to open, and told landlords they weren’t allowed to evict people for not paying their rent. Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian has become a billionaire mostly because of her big ass, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Jack Dorsey of Twitter have arguably been allowed to become the two most powerful people in America other than the President, and because someone thought it was a good idea to put this person in charge of handling firearms on Alec Baldwin’s movie set, an innocent person is dead.

America is becoming a broken, decadent, dysfunctional shell of what we once were, and we can see it all around us. Increasingly, our people aren’t good, our leaders are mediocrities, and it's hard to figure out who or what will be able to help us get back on track before a total disaster. Our culture, which the whole world would have once benefitted from adopting, has become a woke, let’s promote transsexualism to kids, crime shouldn’t be illegal, let’s praise the worst and demonize the best abomination that we shouldn’t wish on our worst enemies.

So, how did we get here?

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