Do Americans Care If Policies Work Anymore?

You can have cheap, fast or good. Pick 2. If it's government, pick none.

There’s an old saying you’re supposed to keep in mind before buying something:

“You can have cheap, fast or good. Pick 2.”

As a general rule, in the private sector, this is about how it works.

It works a little differently with the government. With government, you don’t get cheap, fast, or good. In fact, typically they charge you an exorbitant amount of money via taxes to slowly do things you don’t want to be done at all. This is why the private sector does almost everything better than the government. Conservatives understand all this. Liberals? Not so much.

However, what few people of any ideology seem to have noticed is how incompetent our government has become even compared to other governments. You’d probably have to go to the Third World (well, or Greece) to find a nation run by the sort of mediocrities and sociopaths in charge in America. Look at Joe Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. If you put together a list of the top 10 military disasters in American history, that would be o…

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