Unfortunately, the country's culture acts against raising healthy adults. If I had to do it again, I'd probably have chosen to home school. Wasn't possible on our income, but we did manage to spend a lot of time in family activities that sent a different message.

Just before the shutdowns for Covid, my granddaughter opted out of her current high school, where she was both deeply unhappy socially, and not doing well academically, to attend a virtual school, from which she graduated.

Her college years have been a hybrid, of in-person and virtual. She has made great strides in her personal emotional development, and scholastically since then.

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Thanks for posting this essay, John. I have a friend who is battling mental health problems and he is a progressive. I have seen his illness progress, and yes he was always a liberal, but as he's become more irrational and depressed, he has become an ever more woke progressive. It surely looks like a chicken and egg thing- was he crazy and that's why he became a progressive, or did his descent into progressive emoting and angry politics make him crazy? I'm thinking it's a self-reinforcing feedback loop, and it ain't getting better. Another point of agreement with this essay is that he has also abandoned his faith in Jesus; now he doubts the very existence of God and heaven. He is a miserable person now, all the time, and it's a sobering example to me and others who knew him back when...

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