Very good and great reminders that any sane individuals don’t want a Civil War. We as Americans need to realise how important we are in the world as the inheritors of an elegant system which has been infiltrated by those who would sacrifice their nation and their own mothers for a bit of monied power - misunderstanding all they see. It is possible and preferable to manage these transitions without more war. We are already in an undeclared Civil War and have been for some time.

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The Democrat constituency is the urban underclass; how can they be defeated?

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Where can we listen to the full interview?

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FFS - I don't know if people really are this bamboozled or if they are just talking garbage as a distraction.

Our government is ENTIRELY corrupt. That's why insider trading is allowed within congress, and it's not just Nancy Pelosi, Dan Crenshaw does it as well. Dennis Hastert was a PEDOPHILE that raped several kids, and he's not in jail for that. He went to jail for a few months for bribing them.

This is not a left and right issue, it's an issue of government corruption.

Antifa and BLM were useful idiots of the intelligence agencies. What were they rioting about for 9 months? What issue magically changed once Biden was installed by a CIA coup? Guess they weren't getting a paycheck once that was done.

I'm so tired of the BS of "left versus right". Our CIA overthrew this government. I guess we deserve it though, we have allowed them to overthrow Ukraine and look at what fun that is for the people of Ukraine hosting BSL5 labs run by the United States.

Quit this crap of "duh, the left is a problem". Yeah, so is "the right" - at least if it's government.

Ever wonder why Epstein killed himself, supposedly? Well, he was hired by Donald Barr, Bill Barr's father, for his first job at the Dalton school. And all girls school. Oh, and Donald Barr also penned an interesting book called "Space Relations: A Slightly Gothic Interplanetary Tale"

We no longer have a government. We have a criminal syndicate. THEY are the criminals. Not a bunch of protesters on January 6th that were too naive to realize the government REGULARLY engages in entrapment.

I don't know if people are unaware of the situation, of if they just don't have the courage to say it.

Everybody with two braincells to rub together knows what is going on. It's not left or right, it's just criminals. Left and right is a distraction.

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