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Your an evil fascist. Your dogs would be much better off and happier if you fed them a vegan diet, let them go to live free in a wilderness area, exchanged them for extremely disabled/aggressive shelter dogs, or euthanized them.

Really, if you think about it, we should eliminate all mammals on the planet as they just contribute too much to the CO2 emissions that have increased global temperatures like 1 degree over the last 100 years, which is a lot because science. It is, at this point, utterly irreversible but we need to work hard to reverse it by ending capitalism, puppy mills, and whiteness.

Those wind farms off the Atlantic coast seem to be doing a good job at eliminating the right whales but more needs to be done. Much more.

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Our animal companions are beneficial and I'd say it's nearly 100% reciprocal. Leftists can't be happy about or approve of anything except making the lives of others as miserable as their own.

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I think we should get rid of Starbucks. It’s a waste of money and makes people fat. I think getting rid of MA, CA, NY, IL, CO would probably be a good idea too. My dog agrees. 🐶

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Time to devote some effort to dispelling the totally foolish idea that co2 and methane cause climate

change. They have virtually ZERO affect on our weather.

The earth's orbit is elliptical and does have a significant affect on our weather.

Bur sad to say NOBODY understands it.

here are the simple facts.

The northern hemisphere is closest to the sun in Jan.

This gives us slightly warmer winters.

We are furthest away in July by3 million miles.

This gives us slightly cooler summers.

I have made a VERY detailed study of Regina, Sask.'s weather history.

Our hottest day was July 5, 1937 at 110F or 43.3 C

Our second hottest day was July 12 1886. at 107F.

July is by far our hottest month. But we have had only 3 record highs after

1949. and 28 record highs before 1950.

20 years ago I had a friend who grew Marujana. he had a cheap way of making co2

One ingredient was baking soda and the other common household product i can't remember

He said the added co2 doubled his production.

He could notice the difference in his plants as soon as 12 hours.

co2 is by far the BEST fertilizer ever invented and should be used

Co2 has increased by about 50% in the past 170 years, but has had

virtually no affect on our climate. Its composition in our air is ONLY 1/24th of 1%.

Methane is ONLY 1-8 parts per million. Both are much too SMALL to have any significant

affect on our weather. Anyone believing they can have some affect is an

uninformed idiot.

Amen ... Joe ( i am a former member of Mensa). Get REAl.

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Liberal argument is worthless and wrong. Pets are valuable companions and friends. And this liberla is too dumb to recognize their value far outweights the issues. Government is not authorized to intervene.

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