This is one of the best analysis I've seen on why Republicans are not winning. I was shocked, shocked I tell you, with the outcome of this election, even if it improves (highly doubtful) after all the counting is in. The governor of my state won re-election - a freaking democrat in a highly conservative red state. Was it Roe? Probably, because apparently Republicans can't reasonably explain that the ruling was correct, and not an elimination of abortion.

As another writer I like said, the people running the democratic party treat it like a full-time job, and they cater to their base, giving them what they want, or manipulating them into wanting what the party wants to give them. The Republican party can't be bothered. It's a part-time job, one they hold their noses to do, and seem to be quite happy to let the Democrats do the lion's share of the work, who subsequently reap the wins.

DeSantis is an exception, at least so far. Does he have the fire-in-the-belly to hack the presidency? Gotta say I'm just not feelin' it. Should Trump run again, my gut says no, for all the reasons we know, but let's face it, he absolutely terrifies the Democrats because he represents the Americans he loves - the deplorables, the producers, the salt of the earth. He knows these people and he recognizes that we are the backbone of this country, the silent majority. Can he win? I don't think so.

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Nov 12, 2022Liked by John Hawkins

Would it be accurate to claim that “Republicans fight to run America on the founding Liberal principles” and “Democrats fight to run America on Anti-Liberal (Marxist and/or postmodern) principles”?

And if so, would such a message help persuade/red-pill enough Swing Voters to permanently re-commit to the defense of Enlightenment liberalism?

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I suppose you are in the group that doesn’t believe in cheating machines. This is about getting rid of the machines. We will never have a fair election ….. we will soon become Venezuela if we don’t understand that. Abortion is murder.

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John, this response is a week late so I don't know if this has been discussed as a factor by others or not. It looks like the "youth vote" was historically big for Democrats, and I think to these undeveloped minds ("flat out stupid" according to Kamala) "trans rights," abortion on demand, and "free" tuition were huge factors that are hard to erase. Of course it was unconstitutional for Biden to claim authority to eliminate student loan debt, but since when has been being lawless a barrier to his actions?

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