Most People and Nations Fail Because Success is Slow, Boring and Hard

The best guide to success that no one would ever read.

I’ve genuinely considered writing a book about this subject – and maybe I will do it as an Amazon short one day – but I just tend to think it wouldn’t sell. Here’s the concept…

What if the secret to success in America is that there is no secret? What if it’s all really simple. Not EASY, but simple? What if most of us that go astray do it because we’re looking for shortcuts, easy ways out, and just get bored doing the right thing? What if most of us blow it in life because we are deliberately, knowingly choosing not to do the right things because they’re difficult or tedious?

You may be thinking, “Okay, give me an example.” But that’s just it. I could easily reel off lots of examples with minimal effort. So could you.

* “I get in fights with my girlfriend when I drink and sometimes drink and drive.” Stop drinking.

* “I can’t afford to pay my bills.” Cut down on your spending, ask for a raise, get a better job, or get a 2nd job.

* “I’m worried that my smoking is going to hurt my health.” Qui…

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