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Oh, boy, you really convicted me with a couple of your points, actually I struggle with all the odd numbered. I think I'll be happy when I get there, then discover that "tomorrow never comes, it's a rolling horizon." The world frustrates me and people are so perverse that I like to focus primarily on making my own life better. I like things- I feel good when I'm using them, and I'm better with machines and data than at building relationships. As I look back on my life, I feel like I should have made better choices and done more with it. However, I never forget the Hebrew slaves who were led out of Egypt yet were so ungrateful that God left them to wander in the wilderness until that generation passed away, so I am grateful for His help, and thankful for His blessings and the hope that His Son has given me. |Thanks for writing this column, John.

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You are very good. Problem is, so are many other writers who are asking for paid subscribers [including me occasionally]. Most of us don't have enough moolah to subscribe to all.

Instead of teasing folks with a great article, and then say "subscribe" for the year to ALL your articles, why not charge a buck per article, to finish reading it? I'm going to start doing that with my novel.

Will let you know how it works...

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