The Age of Self-Created Problems

Look in the mirror to see who created that problem for you

One of my favorite moments from the Occupy protests of 2011 and 2012 happened in Chicago. Although the protests were generally incoherent, the main message of them seemed to be that some people were too successful while other people were failing. While the protesters milled around the Chicago Board of Trade building, protesting the fact that the people there made “too much” money, the people being protested responded by dumping McDonald’s applications on them as if to say, “You’d be better off going and getting a job than standing around complaining about the people doing work.”

If you believe any profession gets paid an “unfair” amount of money, then isn’t the obvious solution to join that profession, not to protest them? Why wouldn’t anyone do that? There’s a very simple answer to that you can see playing out all across American society.

It's very easy to complain and demand that the whole world be changed to accommodate you, but it’s very difficult to improve yourself.

Incels are par…

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