Uf da! Talk about trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube. When I compare the adrenaline buzz a kid can get from playing a first-person shooter online like Call of Duty on a 70 inch UHD TV, to my friends and I shooting marbles in the dirt or pushing Matchbox cars around a cardboard "city," it's figuratively speaking inter-galactic in distance. The teacher's union members ramming through CoVid school shutdowns and costing most kids two years of in person learning and socialization is also going to be hard to ever undo. I guess we'll have to let Disney re-educate them to be more sensitive (oh, and by the way groom them for perverse sexuality and no doubt porn). I'm pessimistic...

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I would like to see/read an article on how the progressive movement got to be so big, how it came to dominate corporate culture and the media culture. I know it probably started on college campuses' across America but how did the heads of those institutions get into positions of power to influence thousands of people to want to change America.

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One of my guilty pleasures is reading true crime, mostly attempting to gain some understanding of what makes people commit crimes of murder. Certainly greed, jealousy, and revenge are frequent catalysts, but serial killers fascinate us because they are so foreign in their nature and psychopathic ability to perform abominable acts without a shred of guilt or remorse. Having read a great many of their stories, it seems most of them are products of ghastly abuse and inhumane neglect, or subject to parenting, usually the mother, who smothers the child with both narcissistic adoration intermixed with a constant barrage of verbal abuse, the child never satisfying or attaining the level of perfection the mother expects. But it has to be more than that. Many children are horribly abused, physically and psychologically, and do not become murderers, serial or otherwise. So, what sets them apart? We still don't know.

Instant gratification and supply of entertainment at the click of a mouse has rendered many in our culture gluttons and addicts for the burst of pleasure they bring. Eventually the user becomes desensitized and must find other sources of supply, be it ever worsening depictions of porn, violence, more potent drugs, alcohol abuse and extremely high-risk behavior. Eventually, nothing is ever enough, leaving people empty, demoralized, lethargic, dissatisfied and suicidal.

Have you noticed that You Tube is now offering Shorts, videos that are less than 60 seconds? It's crazy how easy it is to get submerged in endless clicking to the next one in the line up. Years ago there was a browser called Stumble Upon. Remember that? What a time suck that was!

I have a lot of free time to spend on the internet, but I actively avoid using it strictly for entertainment. I watch no more than a couple of movies a month which are usually recommended in some article or blog I've read. I haven't had a television since 2013. I like long form videos and articles, books and audiobooks. I'm old-school like that.

Maybe one way our culture can be desensitized is if the Greenie Cult get their way. There won't be enough power to supply our entertainment devices. Ha ha.

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