So much truth in this essay my neck is sore from nodding in agreement. I'm sick of the words "insane", "insanity", "have lost their minds" to describe the idiocy that underscores the tenets of progressivism, I never want to hear them again! What ever the words are on the state seal of California, if those words I don't ever want to hear again aren't on the seal, they should be.

Perhaps every person who serves in the government, from the highest to the lowest, should have an equal amount of taxpayer money withdrawn from their paychecks that they indiscriminately dole out to the undeserving. Would that put the brakes on them? Ha! These grift experts would probably find a way for that to line their pockets and glean votes.

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Reparations is the most stupid and dangerous idea floating around America. In exchange for buying votes, the Democrats are willing to violate every principle of equal treatment under the law, and to potentially trigger a race war? I get stuck on the fact that "we tried this already, and the Democrats undid it." Right after the Civil War, General Sherman took plantations from the slave owners and gave the slaves 40 acres and a government mule, but the Democrats and their founder, Andrew Johnson, killed Lincoln and kicked the slaves out and gave the land back to the former slave owners, (now share cropping landlords). If there is any reparation scheme, any money should only come from Democrats, the crew that sabotaged the timely plan that Republicans had implemented. The only other thing I would say is to look up and see where "African Immigrants" land on the annual income chart- higher than American born white people! You don't see this discussed much because of course it blows up their "skin color racism keeps black people down" narrative. Despicable lies and division designed to destroy our nation, the most diverse, by far, on the planet...

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What is wrong with the people in California? Why do they continuously vote for these bureaucratic pigs.

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It doesn't come up often but as you pointed out, African kings were the ones who sold slaves why has Africa not been asked to pay reparations, we would happily give land : ), I can imagine an Israeli type settling.

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Some points:

Reparations for Freedmen is not only for the crime of 89 years of slavery in the US it is also for the 99 years of segregation, discrimination and Jim Crow terrorism post slavery.

That’s 188 years, out of its 247 yr existence, of de jure anti black racism in this country.

Saying descendants of Freedmen are not due Reparations cause there was slavery all over the world would be like saying Jews did not deserve reparations from Germany for the Holocaust cause there hv been genocides and mass killings everywhere.

There have been movements calling for reparations from the end of the 19th century all the way through the 20th century.

During this same time ,however, the US has sought fit to give reparations to Japanese, multiple Native American tribes , citizens of Guam and even Jewish ppl who experienced the Holocaust in Germany. US has also given multiply freebies (land, house loans, free college etc) to white European immigrants at the expense of Freedmen.

If you claim too much time has passed to consider reparations you need to remember it has been the US government which has, delayed, prevaricated, gaslighted, went back on its word and refused to honor its committed to the formerly enslaved.

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