The Primary Cultural Factor Making Our Government So Incompetent 

We've become obsessed with status games

I like vacationing in San Francisco. It has a great climate, beautiful scenery, lots of fun things for tourists to do, and the food is AMAZING. The last time I went, there were a few small restaurants across the street from my hotel and I decided to try the small, rundown-looking sandwich shop. It was the best sandwich I had eaten in years. A couple of nights later, I decided I wanted a burger and there was a “gourmet” burger shop across the street. It was the best burger I had eaten in years. Another night, I decided to order a pizza from one of the random pizza places the hotel had given me. It was one of the best pizzas I had eaten in years. So, how is it that the same city that apparently insists every hole-in-the-wall restaurant be up to celebrity chef standards, is fine with also being famous for the number of homeless people that @%^& in the street?  Here’s an article where they’re happy and excited that only 13,856 humans and animals splattered their feces all over the sidewal…

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