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Good article. On top of that as a Muslim I would like to add that he is using the religion to pretend he has values. And the worst part? Other "Muslims" eating it up.

The result: A pornographer and casino owner all of a sudden a quasi religious leader.

I hope Christians learn from this mistake and judge men by their actions and compare them directly and exactly to scripture and to God's words. Be very skeptical when clout chasing businessmen claim to follow or care about God.

I warn that Trump is very clearly a Christian version of this phenomenon.

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Thank you for this! I like Andrew Tate but after reading this, I have to say I agree with you. The problem with Tat’s arrest is that it come on the heels of all of his Matrix comments. It does make it seem there is a vast conspiracy to silence him. However this does make the truth much more blurry.

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I haven't had enough interest to pay more than cursory attention to this guy - I see a lot of references to him, and that's been enough for me to figure out he's not a person to emulate. Since he does appear to have garnered a lot of attention in the Red Pill movement, and quite a lot of influence, I'm glad you wrote this critique. Like a lot of narcissists or maybe all of them, he's sharp enough to sniff out areas of weakness and capitalize on it for his own benefit and aggrandizement.

Unfortunately, young males have enough hurdles to jump and obstacles in their way, that having someone like this example of the kind of man not to follow, giving them advice is not helping them.

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