I assume that you meant well, but you sound like an arrogant ass. If, as you say, you and your FL brothers either desperately want/demand, for example, freedom of speech, what exactly are you doing to protect the freedom of speech of conservatives? I really don't see you FL guys coming to the aid of conservative speakers at UCLA and other bastions of free speech. If you don't want censorship, why do you go along with it? If you don't want crime and violence, why do you coddle ANTIFA? You really are a lot like the moderate Muslim in the article. You're not personally blowing anyone up, but you're not particularly bothered by it either, as long as it's the other side getting blown up. While I know of no one outside the Islamic world that wants a theocracy, your side seems to think that any moral guardrails are intolerable. Which brings us Drag Queen Story Hour. WTF?

And you're right, I don't want to be friends with you because life is too short to constantly deal with your demands, whining, projection, hypocrisy, hyperbole, lies, and your unrelenting belief that you're smarter and more enlightened than everyone else - even though there is no observable evidence of your brilliance. Let's split the country, you take half and we'll take half, and our half will proper while we watch your half slide back into the stone age.

All the best!


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Our differences are only irreconcilable if we continue to ACT like they are.

This behavior is characterized by exaggeration, hyperbole, thinly-veiled code words and a willingness to believe literally ANYTHING, no matter how ridiculous, as long as it feeds people's ideas of what the OTHER is like.

For example:

"Sure, a Republican and a Democrat may both watch the World Series, like eating at P. F. Chang's, and think Breaking Bad was one of the greatest TV shows of all time but is that enough of a foundation for a whole nation to rest on? If one side desperately wants capitalism, small government, free speech, freedom, low taxes, the Constitution, law and order, and a secure border while the other demands socialism, big government, censorship, government control, high taxes, a living constitution, lawlessness, and open borders, "

One side "desperately wants" ("oh those poor things!") where the other "demands" ("greedy jerks!")

Speaking as a Flaming Liberal, I can tell you almost all of us FLs very much "desperately want" reasonable capitalism with regulations, efficient cost-worthy government, free speech, freedom, reasonable taxes, the benefits of Constitutional government, appropriate laws with appropriate enforcement, while we don't really care very much about the borders between countries anyway.

We DON'T want censorship. We DON'T want big government without a good reason. We don't want lawlessness. You know this. Why would you misrepresent like you did?

Because you got on your high horse and decided you know how people want their country and world and individual lives to be conducted -- YOUR WAY. And to hell with anyone who thinks otherwise.

We want to be friends with you again.

You don't. You want us to simply not exist.

That's not going to happen.

Neither is "taking back your country", because it wasn't YOURS in the FIRST PLACE.

It's OUR country -- YOURS and MINE.

And MINE will NEVER become a theocracy. No matter who you boycott.



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Americans still have a lot in common! It's the corrupt Democrat party & their Fake news media that creates all the division. Division based on false narratives of systemic racism, white supremacy, white terrorism, parents acting as domestic terrorist? police targeting black communities & the indoctrination of our youth. Mind control, brainwashing, indoctrination, deception, the Left does it all to divide this country for their political ideology.

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What rankles me about the Left/Progressives is where they get off thinking they have the right to do any of the things you listed in the second part. America was founded to achieve the first series of objectives, and was miraculously successful. Now comes a wrecking crew that says; "enough of that. We're going to tear it all down." Why would I support any of those issues unless I wanted to destroy the whole thing, because I was just a looter or a thief?

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