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I am the lone conservative voice on a local school board. I can attest to EVERY SINGLE POINT made here by first hand experience.

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Another well written essay. Like HUMDEEDEE said, "you've nailed it!" It's why I get tired of dealing with so much that I see on TV- sports, news, even commercials- my friend always points out to me how when a commercial has a white man in it, he's almost always a buffoon, doing something dangerous or stupid, while the many, many persons of color (since when did the demographics of the US completely flip, anyways?), are the brilliant/smart/wise, kind and courteous, pure exemplars of what people should be like. As opposed to you know, how much dysfunction there actually is in many of those communities, especially for the men who were raised without fathers, thanks to the "Great Society" programs that the noted racist LBJ got passed into law post-Kennedy's assassination...

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"So many of them are like monkeys playing with dynamite who don’t understand why the banana trees keep exploding". You nailed it!

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