I don't have personal experience with 99% of what's on your list. Very grateful for that. But, all of it impacts me and I hate what has happened/is happening to my country. I grew up in the 50's and early 60's, and I remember a more harmonious America. No, certainly not perfect, but moral and ethical standards were the norm among average citizens. We really were a God-based country. We were even at a place where our black population was gaining a positive foothold in society, that is until Johnson's Great Society programs set them back to what has become Welfare Society, furthered demonically by far left democrats.

I hope we can avoid civil war. No man is an island, but my personal means of protection is to be as self-sufficient and independent as possible: No debt. Good health. No prescriptions required. No addictions. Comfortable with isolation. Preparedness. Armed and dangerous. Personal connection to a like-minded community if worse comes to worst. I don't want it to happen, but sometimes, rock bottom is necessary before motivation to change takes place.

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Dec 3, 2022·edited Dec 3, 2022

Very impactful, well summarized, and amazing that this has been allowed to happen. I have to blame people like myself, who could have spoken up and resisted some of these unhealthy practices but we didn't. Like so many of my fellow Norwegian Lutherans, I just sort of went along to get along. One of my parents was a teacher and union rep, and I was raised in a very left-wing environment. By the time I realized what the heck was happening, it was too late to change course for me. With their iron grip on academia (DeVos' book "Hostages No More" is eye-opening), our chances of pulling out of this nose-dive are poor. In those likelihood-of-civil-war stats, I suppose we don't want to mention how many folks on the right might actually grasp at that, ugly as it is, as a last desperate hope to save something worth living in. Uf da. Thanks for writing this thought-provoking essay, John.

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