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Feb 4, 2023Liked by John Hawkins

Thanks, John, for enumerating some of these truths. The disregard of the 10th amendment is criminal- it's almost like, well, Scotus said something like "since the Commerce clause deals with goods and services in interstate commerce, the Federal government can overrule any state law by simply by having us conclude that "the effects of your law are not contained just within your one state," so we have authority to overrule them." (How many years until we see the D.C. Democrats codify abortion on demand and use this rationale to uphold it?) To some my highlighting of number 17 will be seen as paranoia, but the founding fathers had just been through a revolution and they knew exactly how important an armed citizenry is to preserving freedom from tyranny. Any wonder why every prominent Democrat in the national spotlight demands gun control?

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