These are truly dreadful stories and people do need to hear the other side of what transitioning/de-transitioning means. People considering undergoing these mutilations deserve to know well ahead of any treatment exactly what they can expect from start to the end of their lives, sparing no details.

Prior to the age of 18, people convinced they need to transition should be unable to get mutilated without at least a minimum of 1 year of psychiatric therapy, excluding treatment by psychiatrists who support this depravity. I'm certain if this Cult of Transition were thoroughly exposed for what it does to mentally unstable, naive, immature children and adults, no one except the mentally and emotionally deranged would proceed with it.

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Nov 3, 2022Liked by John Hawkins

Brutal. The irreversible nature of these "therapies" is what ought to make people so cautious about doing them, recommending that they be done, or at the very least to wait until the patient reaches the age of majority so they have at least a little more maturity and life experience to guide their choice. Thanks for posting this essay.

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How very sad! Praying for all of these victims (that's what they really are!) that God will heal them and draw them close to Him. That they will come to realize how much He loves them just as they were made, and how much He still loves them even now.

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"F*ck everyone who let this happen."

In response to TullipR/Ritchie's story...

No fuck you for letting yourself do it to yourself! Your story says you were an adult when you chose to do this and that you were neither psychotic not detached from reality the way a schizophrenic or dementia patient is when you chose to go under the knife.

You are the living breathing example of what a walking mistake should look like, and your purpose now is to serve as a lesson for others of what kind of stupid they shouldn't try to attain in their self education.

Learn to blame yourself before you start to deserve any sympathy from others.

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