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Support for Ukraine has already cratered as far as I'm concerned. I for one don't give any more of a d@mn about Ukraine than I ever did about Russia. AMERICAN TAX DOLLARS FOR AMERICANS ONLY. It is bad enough that my money gets stolen for the welfare bums of our own country who are too lazy to work and pay their own way; it is even worse to have it stolen for FOREIGNERS who are in NO WAY our responsibility. We need to oust the bleeding-heart demoncrap liberals and restore a conservative AMERICA FIRST government. Our government should be serving US - not foreigners!

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First, these are good questions, not ignorant ones. If not wanting to enter another Vietnam or Afghanistan conflict makes me a coward and a fool, so be it. I think the fools are Joe Biden and the dumbest Sec'y of State in my lifetime, Antony Blinken. As far as learning from history goes, this guy is clueless. Look at European history back to the middle ages and take a wild guess why Russia insists on a "buffer zone," and why it was so recklessly provocative to sign, on Nov. 10, 2021, a strategic partnership committing the U.S. to Ukraine's full integration into NATO. Imprimis, (by Hillsdale College), published this in an article by Christopher Caldwell in Sept of 2022 titled "Complications of the Ukraine War." He looks at the big picture impacts for the U.S. Thanks for posting this essay, John.

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1 & 5... There is no strategy or endgame. our permanent government and military leaders are corrupt, and or traitorous, and or incompetent.

Leading to 6 They will lose. What happens? Western Europe is overrun with refugees. It won't be as many as it might have been though, because many have already fled and many are dead. Ukraine becomes a shell and Russia repopulates it. Which is Karmic in a sense: Ukraine / Belarus WAS Russia when Moscow was a trading village. Then the Mongols destroyed Kiev and almost Novgorod. Now Russia is the Mongols.

2 & 4 Our government doesn't give a fuck how much they spend. Every dollar pays tribute to the permanent state instigators. They know the dollar and the economy are toast. It is just taking a while for the giant to topple. They will give it out to get kickbacks until there is no more giveout to give out.

And yes a lot of it is being stolen, along with the kickbacks. We will never know how much. The Cossacks are as corrupt a bunch of degenerates as any ever born.

3 We will never know. All the media are liars. All the data is unreliable. Probably support was never that great but people are too busy and beat to argue it.

7 No we won't, for the simple reason it isn't our peace to make treaty for.

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Biden and Putin Are Both False Prophets. The way of Christians is the way of the Beatitudes:


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1) What’s the end game?

Russia will not be an existential threat to the neighboring countries and the world.

2) How much money are we willing to put into Ukraine?

How much money are we willing to put into the Third World War that might not be enough to prevent the annihilation of the whole mankind.

3) When does support for the war start to crater in the United States?

#1. Using the term “support for the war” is dirty demagogic trick. No sane person supports wars. #2. As for the support of Ukraine, it may only start to crater when undereducated and/or ignorant but influential individuals would manage to convince majority of Americans that the world peace and lack of global war threat is NOT in their interests.

4) How much of our money is being stolen?

Finally a good question. How much money is being stolen on everyday basis by political establishment. And money they can steal under the cover of the support for Ukraine is a drop in the ocean. You can find examples of mega-embezzlement everywhere.

5) What are our strategic objectives at this point?

Ukraine isn’t an ally or a friend of America and they’re not in a crucial geographic location??? Such statement can be made only by an ignorant person. Ukrainian people - not like Russians - in its great majority sees USA as their best friend and ally. Ukraine has become a strategic partner of the USA and Europe, moreover its army now is the best in Europe at least, it’s geographic location is hard to overestimate. With Sweden, Finland and Ukraine in NATO not only Russia, but Iran and other hostile nations would think twice and thrice whether to start with any of NATO member-states. Russia is a totalitarian state and getting rid of Putin may and should significantly change its political course. If the war stops now without the defeat of Russia, we’ll have a new war very soon after they prepare better for it.

6) What happens if Ukraine loses?

There will by another military aggression of Russia, and another and another until they attack a NATO nation, and the alliance will have to respond with full force = GLOBAL NUCLEAR WAR.

7) Are we willing to consider a peace treaty?

You do not negotiate with terrorists. In 1938 in Munich Western countries signed an agreement with Hitler hoping it would safe the peace. This stupidity cost 100 million human lives, including 500+ thousand American lives. Those who don’t learn History are doomed to repeat it.

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Does any of you think maybe that IF Russia wanted the control the NWO tells us, wouldnt his Army been enough to just do it and be done? Instead he wanted the money laundering adn child trafficking he had said in speeches , help he asked NATO for so went the route he has taken? thx I guess i never thought that Russia wouldnt have a strong Military and certainly more than Ukraine.

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As the Bible teaches us in the End Times, we will be led by ruler's with the mind's of children ! Always remember the antichrist comes first and The True Christ comes second !

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I never heard so much dumb shit in my life. I can tell your no boomer, we've been trying to put Russia back in their cage since 1945...and we almost have them there... they've shown their hand..their people don't want to fight.. the Russian people have never been free thinkers...that all they want..granted America's dirty...and it will come back to us...but for now..from a boomer..fuck that commie government...we can mess with them..

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Is it time to understand some facts, not just emotions, about the Ukraine. Sadly citizens end up being pawns in these conflicts. This is what stirs our emotions.. But Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy should not be raised to sainthood for the Ukrainian people. Zelenskyy is a thug but also an effective manipulator of people. The information we hear about him should not be just from the mainstream media ... look back at some history that hasn't yet been revised. The Ukraine government over the past several decades, almost since breakaway from Russian, has been corrupt and led by presidents whom have been virtually dictator style oligarchs. The Ukraine has been a political money laundering center for most of it's existence, including it's share of US progressive and globalist leaning politicians, with some in the current administration from both parties! The Ukraine continues to launder money with billions, mostly US money, currently being poured into the country with no accountability for it's use or to whom it went. Zeleskyy is also attracted to the globalist's scene for his own purposes. How many multimillionaires will come out of the Ukraine conflict? The citizens will shoulder the brunt of this conflict but most funds going to the government will not reach them (no matter what politicians will say), as much as we would like that help to go to the people. Many reports are out there about money and supplies given to Ukraine missing. The state media will only let out what it wants you to see that fits their narrative. Question and read for the big picture. Don't just run on emotion.

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