SM is addictive. No doubt about it. I think if somebody from the 1800s were to simply observe the behavior of the people in this nation…watching them walk/sit/lay around looking at “smart” phones, they would call our “smart phones” some kind of mind control device. They would probably be appalled, awestruck, and confused.

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There is a psychology behind it. Seems human nature is integrated into gossip. Mentally, it transfers a persons attention away from everything they don't like about themselves. Entertainment/movies/video games, alcohol, drugs, social media, sports, news and politics - when these demand our focus we;re able to forget how lousy our job is, the terrible relationships and mistrist we have with spouses-kids-parents-neighbors-coworkers. Social media is one of many distractions people use to forget their discontentment and lack of peace, the feeling of lack of success, and maybe a deep down built-in guilt that *maybe* there is a God and we've fallen short.

And that there will be accountability after all.

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Watching young people in a group today makes me think of science fiction movies from the 60's- I get this feeling I'm watching programmed androids who need this constant recharge from their smart phone to continue to be able to function, and even then it's in an isolated fashion. You know, four people at a table, and they're all looking down at their phones instead of looking at each other- very strange. I saw this story about the reduction in sex that young men are having and I'm like yeah, the women you have to work to court and get to know first is just not easy like internet porn or swiping right on a hook up app. God help them if they can't break those addictions.

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