It’ll have to get a lot worse before it can get better. At present, the shelves are not bare, the crime rates, while increasing, has not poured into the suburbs-yet. Once the comfort and trappings of Western Civilization begin to fail on a national scale is when people will be forced to wake up from the Amazon-Netflix-Doordash encapsulating bubbles they have been living in.

Suffering and yes, misery will have to be experienced before a return to a natural state of being returns. This doesn't mean we all go back to churning our own butter, or constructing a cabin in the woods by hand. But, changes will occur.

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Mar 14, 2023Liked by John Hawkins

Look at the commercials that big pharma puts out on the Covid vaccines, or the drugs for all of the degenerates. "Look, get an STD, you'll be fine, and look how happy you will be!".

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Mar 15, 2023Liked by John Hawkins

Thank you for writing this timely column, John. Pain is hard, both coming and going. I'm averse to pain because I prefer comfort, so I avoid it when I can. That said, I do still put on my big boy pants and get 'er done even when it really sucks. However, my point is that it's hard to inflict pain on others when we are socialized into believing that this is bad to do. The Christian church is a strong force for this- turn the other cheek, avoid contention, give your cloak to someone else if they need it. So when we run into situations, and people, who should be forced to lie in the bed that they've made, we want to be charitable and forgiving and give them that new mattress. Within my family, there are people who need to live with the consequences of their choices, but it's hard not to forgive and pull out your wallet. The banking situation is a terrible mess, starting with the Fed, through the White House, and all the regional banks who have to deal with DoJ threats about DEI, ESG, and redlining. I believe a recession is the least-worse event, but that a depression is most likely, accompanied by lots of wiped out retirement investment accounts. Uf da.

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While I frequently agree with you, your suggestion that we should let the banks fail is utterly wrong. Do you really think there is any good coming from bank failures and panics? Millions of people are inconvenienced and distraught and it also crashes the stock market. People have so much more to worry about than whether their money is safe in an FDIC insured bank. Businesses are damaged or even ruined. Why the need to punish people with money for the heinous crime of keeping their money in the bank?

There are so many more important issues than the minuscule benefits of bank failure. You usually address them. I will be looking forward to that.

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