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Most common denominator to the ridiculous cultural trends and political ideas- the inability to stand on truth as an absolute, and not as a relative, thing. The concept of "speaking my truth" happened because people wanted to hear other people's thoughts and opinions, but then they never assessed value or used logic in assessing them, they never concluded; "that's wrong, that's feeling based, not factually based." At this time, even to say this would make me close minded and guilty of white supremacy, according to a progressive. IMO, this cancer of nonsense has spread too far, and the damage is so deep, that many of our institutions are in danger of collapse. How well do you think our Army would do as they now spend their time fighting "climate change" with the goal of global equity by employing "diversity and inclusion?" It will be a slaughter, once they finally finish weeding out the "toxic masculinity" that used to make boys into fighting men. Stupidity earns its own reward; so we see people like Maxine Waters, Mazie Hirono, Nancy Pelosi and AOC continue to be reelected, right? How are their contributions working out for America? I know your opinion would be that a divorce or split would be bad for America, but maybe we could still salvage parts of it that way, whereas rulership by the coastals and urban elites has become tantamount to suicide for all of it.

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Just like a real divorce, it would definitely be bad for the country. It may come down to whether it's so intolerable to stay together that even something as painful as a split may be preferable to remaining together. That still seems to be the path we're on. The question becomes whether we can change the trajectory.

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