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Three quick things I'd say: first, the birth control pill moved sex from procreation to recreation for many people, and we were so busy pursuing stuff we wanted that having kids just wasn't a priority for many of my friends. Second, when I was growing up, the education system really drummed in the message: "the world is going to starve itself to death if we don't stop breeding so prolifically, and I sort of thought we were supposed to be a good global citizen by not having a (big) family- oops. Finally, people who believe that Greta Thunberg is some prophet should probably not be passing on their genes anyways, so that's not a bad thing, and I hope that true believers of the NYT (or WaPo, or MSNBC, or The View) choose not to bring kids into a world that they have made worse by blaming white skinned people for everything bad...

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The one regret I have in my seventh decade of life is that I did not have more children. Children are our biggest worry, especially as they are growing up, but a profound source of joy, especially as they grow to maturity and take their place in the world.

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