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Judging by the number of likes and comments, John, your solution isn't a particularly popular one. Or maybe everyone is just busy with Memorial Day weekend plans and haven't had a chance to read your common sense, practical, pragmatic thoughts on hardening up us soft, spoiled, pampered, over-fed schlubs. The Nanny-State is a helicopter parent to far too many people, for whom self-reliance is too much of an imposition, too hard, too mean. Oh no😮‍💨

I'm grateful for the easy life I have now, but it hasn't always been that way. I worked hard (still work in fact) did without a lot of luxuries, lived paycheck to paycheck at times. For several years now I've been debt free and want for nothing, although I do choose to live simply and well within my means. Depending on the government for anything would make me feel like a loser. The less government has to do with me, and I with it, the happier I am.

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