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Great article! Thought provoking and kind of sad. I grew up in the 60's and 70's. I suspect this was when the culture of narcissism began. 'I'm ok, your ok' and 'If it feels good do it' were the mantra's. My perception is that the seismic social changes, while stressful; were about equality. Their was an excitement in the air that America was becoming more welcoming and open to all.

Unfortunately, it did not take long before the relatively small number of radical feminists, race hustlers and gay rights activist became too powerful. Equality was still the stated goal. However, behind that facade was a grab for more power. The ends justified the means to increase and hold that power.

What deeply disturbs me is identity politics. Particularly the openly hostile, demeaning and inequitable treatment society is perpetuating against straight white men. Their is a wide empathy gap for this group. What happened to the noble goal of equality for all. As we have seen throughout history, identity politics as an weapon for power leads to misery, death and destruction.

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