The importance of recognizing that freedom and prosperity are outliers cannot be over-stated. The United States, populated by immigrants who sought those exact outcomes, and wise men who created the Constitution and Bill Of Rights which caused the spiritual, moral and political environment for them to materialize must be taught and mentored to each generation without fail. We are failing.

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And people wonder why men think about Rome daily? And the French Revolution.

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Nov 14, 2023Liked by John Hawkins

Excellent. In recorded history there’s never been this much relative peace and prosperity for this long. Dan Carlin wrote an excellent book called “The End is Always Near” and went over all these events in human history where empires fell. It’s always created a dark age.

Interesting that you included Matt Gaetz on that list of bad leaders. Seems to me he would agree with your article and that he’s one of the few trying to fix it. Maybe I’m way wrong in him.

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To me, Gaetz, the Squad, Boebert, MTG, Madison Cawthorn, Eric Swalwell, George Santos, etc are all the basically the same kind of rotten, soulless, narcissistic, get attention by any means necessary type of person and people like that can have a season in the sun, but their nature makes them disasters who always create lots of messes all around them over the long term. In other words, the type of person they are makes them bad news for any serious endeavor over the long term.

I've also read "The End Is Always Near." It was interesting. This quote from it perfectly plays into this column.

"If one could transport the Roman army one thousand years into the future, it’s hard to imagine them losing to any European army until the high Middle Ages."

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Nov 16, 2023Liked by John Hawkins

Worth noting: As a matter of reflex -- simple instinct -- when a politician does something I agree with, my first thought tends to be "What's their angle? Who are they pandering to?" Very rarely am I surprised when I find out the answer to that question.

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