Excellent rebuttal. I would go so far as to say that I don't even think most Democrats buy into or support the radical progressive left agenda, but there is a very loud-mouthed ideologue coalition formed and funded by communist/socialist billionaires who run the show in blue states, and unfortunately, illegals are used to further that agenda plus a very large number of government employees and union members in blue states who will vote Democrat if their only choice was Satan.

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Jul 2, 2022Liked by John Hawkins

The continuing issue for "leave me the hell alone" people like me is that when the progressives in other states try out their dumb ideas, they invariably blow up, and they send their stooges to Washington to demand, via monster "infrastructure" spending bills, that people like me must spend a big bunch of our money to fix their problems. I think of Illinois, and how the Chicago pols cater to the unions- mostly public sector employees-promising them ever greater benefits, without paying for them. So later, when they can't meet their obligations, they run to a dope like Obama or his half-wit uncle Joe to get the government to cover their unfunded liabilities. Why should I pay for another state's retirement system benefits? Then when the inflation hits because of the monopoly money doled out, it's a double whammy! Divergence sounds good to me, hell if I had Pelosi telling me what to do everyday I'd leave Cali, and if she tries to enslave everyone in "flyover" country, well get ready for the flag to drop, because I'm sure that I'm not the only one who'd say oh hell, no. Thanks for posting this.

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Jun 29, 2022Liked by John Hawkins

Politicians and most all groups (religions, races, countries) have always told people we must unite, come together. We are stronger together, we can do anything as one nation, as one people. Does this sound familiar? The part they don’t tell you is as long as it’s uniting around me, my ideas, my way, my platform. This has always been true, the only thing that has changed is how they treat people that disagree with them. Politicians and groups use to accept that people would disagree and move on. Now days they must make people that disagree the enemy, they must shut them up, they must hurt them. The bottom line is people haven’t changed in 20,000 years, maybe longer.

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