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Not to get all-Frankenstein here, but it does raise the question of the wisdom of interacting with entities that possess no soul. Without the capacity to feel remorse for injuring someone or otherwise screwing up someone's life, should we entrust so much of our personal lives to machines? Perhaps it is inevitable. As far as Universal Basic Income, it's like chicken or the egg as far as robot helpers go- one undeniable impact of the governments Covid Relief checks is that many people discovered that if they can get paid to not work, they will not go back, so we are short of workers right now, even though we have millions less people working than before the pandemic, we are at a lower unemployment rate d/t not actively seeking work. Thanks, John.

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UBI is really a last resort sort of thing because it does have very obvious downsides. Now is definitely too soon for it, but eventually, it may turn out to be the least bad option.

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