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Thank you for this article! It’s not just Sports women are also being pushed out of, we are also pushed out of roles generally reserved for women, scholarly opportunities, bathroom/locker rooms, rape shelters and even awards like ‘women of the year’ awards which are now frequently going to biological men.

We are all free to present as we wish but to suggest that changing your name, pronouns, or even taking hormones or surgery changes the molecular structure of your body is delusional.

Women historically have been a marginalized group and we are now sadly being furthermore marginalized by trans rights activists! We are being erased in law and in society. How can women have rights and protections when we can’t even be named or defined! We all know what women (and men) are!

Enough is enough! Time for the adults to get back in charge!

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This nonsense has been going on since Second Wave Feminism first hit, in the late 60s. If I had the heart I'd go through their sacred texts & get the quotes but I don't. Please trust me when I say that this is a fact.

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RE the video of the woman in the self-defense class beating up two men: If she displayed some great martial arts skill, maybe I would have believed it was real. But she is just flailing wildly. The two men make no effort to hit her or knock her down or ... anything. They were obviously told to just walk up to her and let her hit them and after a minute or two to fall down. Do you see anyone rushing up to check if they badly hurt? No. I'm sure when the act was over they just got up and walked away. If I saw this as a fight scene in a movie I'd be laughing at the lame choreography.

And before some woman says, "I could beat YOU up" ... Are there women in the world who could beat me up? Probably. I'm an overweight old man with health problems. But against even an average healthy young man, very few women would have much chance in a fight.

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