So, you really believe self-help books are good resources for improving all if not most major areas in one's life? Maybe, but I regard them the same way I do vitamins and supplements: either you use them and genuinely believe they work, or you've tried them and seen very little concrete results. I fall into the latter category, darn it! Probably just me. I'm a little of a skeptic and some what of a misanthrope, neither of which lead me to have the best mindset for taking advantage of either vitamins or self-help books. Atlas Shrugged really did give me a sound basis for managing my work and personal life, but I will concede I probably should read "How to Win Friends and Influence People", because I'm too irascible to do either one very well. However, I'm not sure I care enough at this point in my life even if at the end of it no one wants to give the eulogy at my funeral. Ha ha, but no worries. My will strictly forbids a formal funeral, mostly to save my son the embarrassment that no one is there except him. Actually, he's a little like me, so he'd probably be glad if that happened.

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Jan 3, 2023Liked by John Hawkins

I’m surprised you didn’t mention “Three Magic Words” by Uel S Anderson. A book of metaphysics but probably the greatest self help book ever written. Also, honorable mention from me: “You can You Will” by Joel Osteen motivated me out of depression and into a new career that is still going 17 years later.

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Hhhhmm, if you have read 1500 self help books, it would seem neat impossible to have boiled done to ten. And then to think only latest books in last 20 years are selected. Skipping the religious aspect, the bible is best self help book,.written ages ago..

And to have 'Release your brakes", " Psycho-cybernetics" or " magic of believing" , etc. And not get honorable mention..well..hells bells brother, your opinion has dropped..

And then you throw in the hucksters of self- activation who are reaping millions like mega church's... well, not much cred left.

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