It was difficult for me to heart this one because reading that b.s. kinda harshed my mellow and made me want to kill all the people who said that stupid shit.

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Dec 24, 2021Liked by John Hawkins

#27, "master bedroom" Just to pick on this one: I seriously doubt that anyone who is buying a house and sees the phrase "master bedroom" thinks of this as opposed to the "slave bedroom". No one is thinking in terms of masters and slaves, but of a master bedroom versus children's bedrooms and maybe guest bedrooms. Well, no one except people who are absolutely obsessed by race.

But really more important, the silliness of this is the speaker's assumption that eliminating a word for a bad thing will somehow eliminate a bad thing. Does he believe that if we banned use of, say, the word "liar", that that would end lying? That if this word went away, that suddenly all liars would become honest people? That's absurd. At best people would just find another word for the idea. At worst it would create confusion that would allow liars to hide what they're doing because no one knows how to describe it in a way that others will understand.

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You do have some good ones alright.

but i didn't see any on .... the border

or ... the hoax that co2 causes climate change

or. . the big cut back on oil production.

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