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Proposals 1, 2, and 3 are band-aids, they can't and won't ever solve the problem but may provide short term benefits. They won't solve the problems but will make people feel like they tried. They are also exponentially easier to implement that Proposals 4, 5, and 6.

Proposals 4, 5, and 6 are potential cures to the school shooting problem and myriad more. However, they require significant changes to society that will require a tremendous effort to effect. Its a herculean task to reverse the course of seventy years of social inertia.

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Implementing all 6 of your suggestions would mitigate most of the mayhem these monsters cause. I especially like you pointing out that never are these acts committed against military, police, gun stores, gun ranges or anywhere people are likely to be armed. Study after study has shown that states/cities/towns that have conceal carry laws are generally less likely to have matching or greater murder statistics than those that do not. Chicago, California, Baltimore, Philadelphia? Ha! Their gangs don't care whether guns are illegal or not, and neither does any other homicide-intentioned person.

Restricting access to anyone under the age of 18 to social media like Twitter, TikTok, Snap Chat, Instagram, etc. would at least forestall vulnerable and mentally unstable people from the influence of these cesspools. The pre-frontal cortex of males, even at the age of 18, is not fully formed, but at least they could only immerse themselves in 6 years of influence instead of 16 or more.

I don't engage with any of those social media sites, with the exception of You Tube, whose algorithm has determined I only like conservative content, which is basically all I get. Fine with me. But once in awhile I find a channel that sparks my attention. One of these is Odin's Men, featuring J.T., who looks to be in his late 50's, commenting on stuff posted in the TikTok gutter. He's conservative, but fairly gentle in his comments, considering the utter buffoonery, degraded behavior, horrible purposeful destruction of human bodies, and graphic depictions of the horror of the human condition at its lowest. This is the lowest common denominator in the depths of hell, folks. Not kidding. Like lifting up a rock and finding a bizarre hideous creature underneath - scary but you can't look away. Children and juveniles seeing this stuff can't help but have their souls stripped of everything that might still be human.

Good article, John. I linked it over at billwhittle.com for my fellow members there to read.

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Regarding number 2, red flag laws: it is a constitutional right to keep and bear. What other constitutional rights, endowed to me by the creator, are you willing to take away without a trial?

This is totally a nonstarter.

Number four: it violate s constitutional right to free speech! While I think social media has a little value, that would also be unconstitutional.

Maybe you want to take away their cell phones, ability to email, and write letters to? Also a nonstarter.

I like the other ideas you have though. Let’s allow the school staff who want to be armed, to be armed starting right now.

Whatever training level they have, which will be different, will have to do for right now.

Have local government pay for all future gun safety training for them, I will vote yes on that text levy.

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Yeah, good old "Pete" and "Brox" apparently love the mass killings in Texas, Buffalo, ad infinitum occurring in our once beloved nation before the scourge of guns by the scum of the earth which grew under their crazy White Supremacist "leader" and his henchmen from hell (Donnie, Jr., Ivanka, Jared, Trump cabinet members, McConnell, McCarthy, and rabid wolves like govs Abbott and DeSantis, etc.

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John, while I agree on the importance of a 2 parent household and the benefits of religious belief, there are more easily implemented things to be done that would work RIGHT NOW. First, schools should be at least as well guarded as courthouses, police/armed staff, single point of entry etc. Second, actually enforce firearms laws, rather than write new ones.Third, mandatory gun safety classes for kids in school, to teach safety and ethical use. The first lesson I learned was "it is a tool, not a toy.

- A tool that doesn't care how sorry you feel after you pull that trigger." Even if you hate guns, you should know safe handling protocols and what to do if you come into contact with one. Fourth, maximum sentence for violent crimes (including armed robbery, burglary while in possession of a firearm). Fifth, mandatory counseling and access to the same for any child victimized by bullying.

Red flag laws are inherently dangerous, as they rely on the arbitrary judgement of a single assessor, and are easily abused by disgruntled individuals and corrupt government officials. If someone was fully adjudicated mentally incompetent is the only constitutionally viable option.

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There's a much simpler solution. Ban assault rifles they belong in the military. You don't want any Yahoo being able to get these. It seems to be the mass murders favorite toy now you have to take his toy away that's the only way to ensure no more dead kids. And that's right everyone who's already got one have a massive gun by back

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What a dangerous set of MAGA ideas for further gun violence! Might as well admit this trashy comment was paid for by the NRA. John whoever must have only been "educated" at Trump "University." before it was shut down and "Dr. Don-Don" had to pay $25 million because of its fraudulent "education."

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