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Apr 6, 2022Liked by John Hawkins

Another excellent essay, John. Thank you for praising Rush, because it was so much the same for me. I went to a very liberal university, and I was told by everybody there that Rush was a hateful bigot, so I assumed that was correct. Eventually I listened to him and realized that I had been massively misinformed, even purposely mislead. When I analyzed what I had been told that America needed to do to fix its evil problems, I discovered that none of them actually worked. Oh, they gave the politicians power and money, but they created more problems than they solved. To make a long comment short, the gist of what we need to do to make things work again is to return to our Christian values and apply Godly principles. Guess why the Bible is sometimes called the human "owners" manual? Anything less and we will fail, massively, and the people who "effort" the most will be bitter, angry, and worst of all, hell-bound to remain that way for all eternity, and that is a horrible thing on every level, isn't it? God help us. Just watch Joe Biden speak off tele-prompter once to see how bad America's decision making has become!

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