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Gotta admit I don't partake of very much popular entertainment, and this is exactly why. I will not be lectured by people who have lost all moral pinnings, and purvey ideology instead of entertainment. Just don't need it and I won't spend hard-earned money paying for it.

The most recent movie I've seen that was worth the money was Elvis. Good entertainment is hard to find.

Great assessment. Couldn't agree more.

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Another thought-provoking column, well written and expressed convincingly. I feel that way, too, when I see "people of color" being substituted for the original white characters as a total sell out to the woke Left, and I know immediately the movie will be a lecture about white racism, and that irritates me. I get that every day, everywhere, all the time; I want to get away from that garbage and be entertained. There is irony in the unintended consequence of these lame efforts in that this sort of affirmative action racism only reinforces the fact that it's not merited based, and you get a substandard product. And how does that help alleviate the nation's alleged 'biggest threat', "white supremacy?" The Left's obsession with racial identity is splintering our nation, but hey, it's their path to power so "shut up Mr. ultra-MAGA semi-facist!" It's hard not to get angry about that B.S.

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The Little Mermaid was a redhead. Redheads are much more of a minority than blacks.

So they already had a minority in the lead role.

They didn't need to change anything.

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Fragile, white, dude said what...?!? Just an obnoxious faux intellectual justification for white male fragility. Par for the course with Mr. Hawkins

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