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Nov 6, 2023Liked by John Hawkins

Rules typically come in to play according to the actions of the combatant that triggered the conflict. Japan's sneak attack on the United States, followed later by their use of kamikaze pilots, dictated a brutal, fight to the last man approach. Hardly anyone in America had the slightest qualm about our use of Atomic bombs on Japan, because their barbaric actions set the bar at kill or be killed. Such is the case of Gaza versus Israel. The slaughter of civilians was not in any way an accident, it was Hamas' obvious- and apparently proudly supported- strategy. So, let us not be surprised or judgemental should Israel decide to ignore, or not spend much time or energy worrying about, minimizing civilian casualties amongst the people living in Gaza. Such is the door that Hamas chose to open; whatever happens to them now is entirely their doing, and it kind of reminds me of what the old army drill sargeant said to the whiners and bitchers in his squad; "You should have thought of that before you re-enlisted!" The Axis actually built a military coalition; I wonder if Hamas will be able to get anyone besides empty headed protesters to support them?

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