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Yes. As I read this it occurred to me: On a much more trivial subject: Whenever I am thinking of buying something that costs non-trivial amounts of money, I make a deliberate practice of putting it off for a little while, a few days or weeks depending on how much it costs. If after that time I still want it, I go ahead and buy it. But very often, I find that after a few days I don't care any more. Something that seemed like a great idea on the spur of the moment seems unimportant if I just let it sit for a while. I've saved a lot of money this way.

This reasoning surely applies 100 times over if you're thinking of radical, life-altering, very difficult to reverse decisions. Before you get such drastic surgery, at the very least think about it for a while. Maybe a few months from now it won't seem like such a great idea after all.

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Excellent advice.

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what a very poignant article.

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