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I get nervous around black people. I'll cop to it. When I'm in a room with black individuals, particularly college students, I get nervous wondering how many of them look at me and hate me for the color of my skin. Does that make me racist?

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When I was in college, true story, I ended up in an elevator with like 7 black guys. That was unusual because it was a mostly white campus. One of them said to me, "Now you know what it's like for us. Like one of you guys is going eat us or something." I had no idea what to say to that, so I just kind of shrugged. A couple of his friends laughed at him and said something like, "Damn, dude. I'm not eating anybody" and generally acted like it was a weird comment to make. I remembered it all this time later because it was so unusual, but I really don't think he meant anything by it. It was probably just something that he honestly thought. I guess, point being, it's kind of a natural human thing when you're surrounded by people from a different group to feel that way.

At the end of the day, I wouldn't worry about it, too much because if some random hates you or doesn't hate you, it doesn't really matter. If people I know and respect are like, "Dude, WTH are you doing" I pay attention, but if you worry about randoms not liking you in 2021, you will never know a moment's peace because a bunch of them probably don't for one silly reason or another and there's not much to be done about it.

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I find your straight talk, fair analysis and all around good American guy attitude refreshing and a pleasure to read. Your description of how most white Americans feel about race fits me to a T. But I am getting pretty damned tired of the ingratitude and willingness to embrace victimhood on the part of black Americans. Blacks who immigrate legally to this country have a much better outcome in America than do our own home grown black people, simply because they know how fortunate they are to be in America, which would be the least race-conscious country in the world if the leftists would just shut up about it! Of course they won't - it serves them well at the expense of all of us, blacks and whites.

Your response to that hateful twitter comment by Ms Rao was a perfect retort against a belief bereft of gratitude. I have one thing to say to her. If you feel so hated and abused, no one is keeping you from leaving.

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