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I wish this essay was taught in our schools! I agree that people in both parties use big government for personal gain, which is wrong and harmful. It's why I think the spiritual decline of America, esp moving away from Christianity, increasingly causes people to seek power, and a desire to create a utopia, because they don't believe in judgment. When Ceasar replaces God in their hearts, they lose sight of truth and fall into philosophy instead. Another thought-provoking piece, John, thank you for your wisdom and truth telling.

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I wish it was taught in our schools, too. Those would be some amazing schools =)

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You turned the thoughts in my mind, which are inchoate and chaotic, into a beautifully written essay that explains exactly and correctly what the problem is and why we have it. WheelHorseman, yes, without Christian morality our culture is adrift on an ever shifting plain of selfish, greedy narcissism.

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