Why Does It Only Matter When Some People Are Offended?

The tyranny of the victim

There’s a famous quote from an unknown author that’s often attributed to Joseph Stalin. It goes, “Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." You could say something very similar about being offended in America. “Those who get offended decide nothing. Those who decide who it matters to offend decide everything.”

In American culture today…

It’s okay to offend someone that’s Christian, but not someone that’s Muslim.

It’s okay to offend someone that’s Israeli, but not someone that’s Palestinian.

It’s okay to offend someone that’s straight, but not someone that’s gay.

It’s okay to offend someone that’s conservative on a college campus, but not someone that’s liberal.

It’s okay to offend someone that’s male, but not someone that’s female.

It’s okay to offend someone that’s white, but not someone that’s black.

From there, there’s still a further pecking order along with other weird nuances.

Women must be treated much more delicately than men, unless the men are trans, in which case it’s men pretending to be women ahead of women. Criticizing journalists is wrong and not okay unless they’re conservative journalists or liberal journalists with a reputation for criticizing liberals. It can be considered highly offensive to fly the American flag, which represents all Americans, before sporting events but not offensive to play the black national anthem, which represents one race before those same sporting events. Statues of the Founding Fathers should be torn down because they’re supposedly offensive, but statues of George Floyd, a career criminal, who died after resisting arrest with arguably fatal amounts of fentanyl in his system are being built.

If you are a Christian or conservative American (particularly a straight, white, Christian, conservative male), you could probably reel off a long list of things you find offensive. Being called a racist. Drag queen story hours for kids. Being told you’re “privileged” because of your skin color. The government taking your tax dollars and giving them to people to not work. Government-sponsored anti-Christian art. Kids being murdered via abortion. People trashing cops and soldiers for doing their jobs. Being treated like a criminal for being a law-abiding gun owner. Transsexualism being promoted to kids. Pampered athletes disrespecting the flag at sporting events. It goes on and on. However, none of that seems to matter, does it? Why is that?

Well, have you ever heard the saying, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease?” It’s true and we’re getting a comprehensive lesson in that saying in America today. The strong, independent people who handle their own business and don’t play the victim card get ignored and treated as irrelevant while society caters to the narcissists, whiners, losers, failures, and crybullies who have found it’s easier to scream: “I’m a victim and that’s not fair!” than do the right thing. As an extra added bonus, the worst bullies in America today inevitably turn out to be people who will tell you that they’re “victims” or even fighting on behalf of other people that claim that they’re “victims.” These people often feel comfortable engaging in the most monstrous, destructive, and evil behavior imaginable. They’re cheering people’s deaths, burning down businesses, attacking people in the street, doxing people for disagreeing with them, trying to get people who disagree with them fired, saying cruel things to strangers and they’ll never admit, even to themselves, that they’re the bad guys. You see, they’re “victims” and the ends justify the means, so anything they do is okay.

You want to escape them? Ultimately, you can’t, because your success under the current system is a refutation of the idea that it needs to be radically shifted, thus you’re their enemy. You want to appease them? Well, you can’t because they can’t be appeased. Their lives are a mess and they’ve decided the only way to fix it is to radically change the world, but since the problem is them, not the world, that’s a never-ending process that they are doomed to forever pursue.

It's that famous Yeats quote in action:

It’s very tempting for a lot of people to keep their heads down, do their jobs, live their lives, and try to stay out of trouble. You’re focused on trying to get a promotion, pay off your mortgage, and make sure you’re being a good mom. Meanwhile, the woke are convinced that they’re a failure because they haven’t been given reparations or some Christian cakemaker is allowed to decide not to make a wedding cake for a gay wedding.

Of course, this is what most people miss. They think they can just stay out of it and everything will be okay. If that means giving a little bit here and there on something that they know is wrong, but doesn’t seem that important, they’re willing to do it. The problem is these are broken people with minds full of ghosts who are incapable of doing anything with an inch except trying to turn it into a mile-long slippery slope. It always starts small.

“Hey, you don’t like the Confederate flag, do you? You’re racist if you do. Don’t give us that “Heritage, not hate” crap… either it’s the worst thing ever or you’re a member of the KKK.”

So, people gave in, not because they believed these people were right, but because they just didn’t care very much about the Confederate flag one way or the other. At the end of the day, who cares, right? Except, of course, that wasn’t the end of it. If the Confederate flag was wrong, then anything named after Confederates had to be bad. In fact, Confederate statues that absolutely no one seemed to care about one way or the other, had to be TORN DOWN in the middle of riots because they were so obviously “offensive.” Then it moved to the Founding Fathers. Their statues had to come down. Then, the flag was horrible, and America was a terrible, irredeemable place. All of that was fated to happen from the second people gave in on the Confederate flag.

The same goes for transsexuals.

“What do you care if some guy says he’s a woman? It’s not hurting you, right?”

So, people shrugged their shoulders and essentially said, “Who cares what some weirdo does. It doesn’t impact my life.” But, of course, it did. Because they demanded everyone accept their lie. “That’s not Bruce. That’s never been Bruce. That’s Caitlin and you’re a bad person if you say otherwise. In fact, if a man with a penis says he’s a woman, then he’s a woman!” That means, he can use the bathroom with women. In fact, we’ve got to change birth certificates to put them in line with whatever gender someone decides they are today. Not so long ago, there was a man competing in women’s weightlifting in the Olympics. It doesn’t matter that he had a tremendous structural advantage because he’s a man, he says he’s a woman and he’s had his testosterone suppressed for a while (as if anyone with half a brain believes that wipes out all the physical differences between men and women), so he’s a “woman.”

You may think you can afford to sit on the sidelines, but you are incorrect. The level of insanity inside of the woke movement is absolutely bottomless and you will either help put a stop to it or be dragged into it.

These people don’t want to just deconstruct our country or our culture, they want to deconstruct reality and create a new one. You may think that no one could possibly be mad enough to actually try to do this, but if so, you would be wrong.

Do you know why this is happening now? Because the sane people in our nation have become less confident in their views, less courageous, and less willing to speak their minds. When you cater to unreasonable people, it’s unlikely to lead to a reasonable outcome.

So, what can you do? The simplest step is to start with this.

Whatever the lie may be, stop going along with it. Don’t give it your blessing or your money. Don’t lie about it on social media to virtue signal. Don’t consent to letting schools teach it to your kids. If that means standing up and speaking your piece at a school board meeting, complaining to the principal, or refusing to pay for your kid to go to a school where they’re going to teach him to hate you and everything your stand for, do it. A hundred downvotes for a truth on the Internet is better than ten thousand upvotes for a lie. If a politician, corporation, athlete, or group makes a point of attacking people like you or things you believe in, don’t forget it. If that means the NBA, NFL, or women’s soccer goes out the window, you won’t miss any of it anyway.

Don’t feel like you have to individually change the world because you don’t. If enough people step up and do the small things, the world will just begin to change on its own. Telling people to speak up for the right thing when they see something wrong is simple advice that will change our entire country, but it’s not easy advice. Unfortunately, all the good people doing the “easy” thing have been driving this country to the brink of madness over the last few years. So, I can’t promise you doing the right thing will be easy, but I can tell you that if more good, sane, decent people don’t start speaking out, we’re probably not going to have a country 30 years from now and if we do, it’s likely to be a madhouse that will make what’s going on today look like church on Sunday.


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