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I live in the Badger state, and I can inform everybody that our wise democrat governor refused to call out the number of national guard troops that he was advised to send. After the riots, he doubled the number, to the amount that was requested before the deadly riot occurred. This kind of bungling mismanagement is so typical that you have to wonder if it was intentional, i.e. are the democrats so evil that they wanted blood spilled just so they could have their martyrs? Before he defeated Scott Walker, Evers was the state superintendant of schools, and WI has slipped so badly in student performance that he clearly deserved a promotion, according to democrat party "fail up" policy. Our state AG is also a joke, a total non-entity who shouldn't be elected to dog catcher, so no help there. We are over a year away and even though Ron Johnson has not decided whether he will seek a third term, democrats have already started bombarding the airwaves with attack ads. Kyle should be acquitted, but there are so many threats to the safety of the jury that it is not clear if logic, or fear of reprisal, will drive the outcome of this trial.

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I am sickened and saddened that political persecution has risen its ugly head in America. If you are on the wrong side of politics one faction alone is responsible for self-defense and actual peaceful protesting being a prosecutable offense. This is evil and it needs to be stopped. Kyle is a hero. He deserves a medal for the reasons behind his actions during that uncalled for riot, and for the magnificent way he handled himself while his own life was threatened. If he is judged anything but innocent it will be a travesty of justice.

The patriots still being held in prison, unlawfully, for their part in being in the wrong place for the wrong reasons, as their persecutors would have us believe, are also victims of rogue political persecution. The people, ridiculously labeled rioters, had every right as American citizens to be at the capital that day, to be in the People's house, to register their complaints against an election that was clearly neither honest nor fair. Their protest was sabotaged by government endorsed infiltrators, and not only were they victimized while lawfully voicing their grievances, Ashlie Babbitt was slain with malice intent, and her murderer suffers no legal consequence.

There are so many wrongs attending the political persecution of Kyle Rittenhouse and the Jan. 6th patriots, the ugly stain of it will never be erased.

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