Why the United States is Becoming Less Conservative

Strong men in weak times.

One of the things I’m going to be doing regularly for paid subscribers once we get up to 100 of them is doing bi-monthly Q&A sessions where people ask questions and I answer some of them. Culturcidal is very new, so it’s no surprise we haven’t gotten there yet, but we will. In fact, our community is going to be much, much bigger than that by the time we’re done. If you are so inclined, feel free to help get us there a little faster.

In the interim, I received a question in my email that I wanted to discuss:

I’m not familiar with you or your work. I have a question I’ve NEVER heard asked of a conservative, and I would love to hear that answered. That question is never posed. The question is: “How are we doing in the fight against the left?” I think we’re losing and losing BADLY. We have no offense and don’t want to even think about it. Not one conservative has ever talked about going on offense!

To begin with, just about everyone on the Right thinks conservatives are losing and they’re correct. The real question is, “Why?” We’re better at governance, we have logic on our side, and a successful track record. Meanwhile, Donald Trump was not wrong when he said:

So, how is it that anyone can look at that and go in the other direction to support ideas that are obviously terrible, have no track record of success, and create divisiveness, chaos, and disaster everywhere they’re tried? How’s defunding the police working out? Is anyone with gender pronouns the picture of mental health? Is Critical Race Theory improving race relations or putting Americans at each other’s throats?

Conservatives look at this kind of thing, have no idea how people can possibly be so stupid, and then we tend to complain that our politicians won’t “fight” or decide that we just need some grand new policy to fix all of this, and it never seems to work out. Why is that? It’s because we’re focused far too narrowly, and we miss the forest for the trees. Instead of looking at this with a magnifying glass, we need to climb to the mountaintop and get a wider view of the whole situation.

It begins with America’s success. We have the strongest military, we’re more prosperous than our ancestors would have thought possible, and we’re not afraid of any nation because, since the fall of the Soviet Union, we’re the world’s only Superpower. This meme does a great job of summing the particular facet of human nature that turns this seemingly perfect situation into a problem:

This is a story as old as time itself and it applies to nations, businesses, and men. Success at any level is usually difficult to achieve. It takes a lot of hard work, tough decisions, and painful sacrifices. That’s why the moment anyone believes they’re finally on top of the game, their very first instinct is often to take it easy and coast. They start telling themselves that they “deserve” to take it easy. They learn to love their luxuries and tell themselves that the work they’re putting in “should be enough.” Then eventually, life gets around to tossing a curveball their way and it reveals their soft underbelly. That’s what happened to Rome. Their taxes went up. Many of their elite citizens stopped serving in the military and became obsessed with luxury and entertainment. Their military became filled with foreigners who cared nothing about their nation, they lost control of their borders, and when they faced a genuine threat from barbarian tribes, the Western Empire no longer had the strength and resilience to fight them off. This happens with people, too. It’s the classic story of the corporation grandpa built, dad managed relatively competently, and the kids lost because they looked at it as nothing more than a piggy bank to finance their lifestyles. At a lower level, I have seen this so many times and you have probably seen it yourself. Someone’s business takes off or they get a couple of big promotions and after years of struggling, they have some real money coming in. Next thing you know, they have a nice car, an ostentatious house, and it looks like they’re doing really well. Fast forward down the line, the amount of money they have coming in slows down and they’re quickly in desperate financial straits.

If today’s battle between conservatives and liberals were taking place when another rival nation seemed to be surpassing us (think about the Soviets putting Sputnik into space in 1957), it would go very differently. Instead, we have a soft, complacent, increasingly degenerate population that is obsessed with leisure along with gaining fame, status, and validation on the cheap. Think about that in terms of liberal messaging vs. conservative messaging. Liberal messaging is things like, “It’s not your fault because you’re a victim!” “Let the government do that for you!” “We want to give you things!” Meanwhile, a conservative might say, “You can pull yourself up by your bootstraps!” “There’s no such thing as a free lunch!” “God will never give you anything you can’t handle!” The very nature of liberalism makes it better suited to appeal to a country in the third stage of that meme up above, which is where we are as a nation today.

Trying to push a conservative message in America today is a little like trying to grow crops. It makes a difference whether you’re trying to do it in rich soil, with plenty of water and a great climate, or the desert. It’s actually not impossible to do it in the desert, but you’re going to have to know what you’re doing, pick the right crops, work overtime on getting water on your field, and put an awful lot of resources and effort into doing things that would be a snap in a more fertile area.

Of course, just as you can shift the environment for crops via fertilization, greenhouses, watering, and methodical care, you can shift a cultural climate. However, it’s a lot easier for liberals to do it in this climate than conservatives and quite frankly, we’re very complacent and haven’t been putting in the necessary work.

We let liberals take over the schools. We buy products from companies that mock us. We go to see the movies of Hollywood stars that put us down. We tune into media sources that do nothing but lie about us. Meanwhile, are we supporting cultural institutions that will help pull the country to the Right? Did we help the Boy Scouts survive or watch as they destroyed themselves? Are we supporting the Christian church? Is the Christian church itself pushing Christian values into the secular world or watering itself down to fit in with the secular world? Marriage has been falling apart for decades. Have we made legal changes to make divorce less attractive and support the institution? What about immigration? We could have the best, the brightest, and hardest working immigrants from around the world. The good news is we do get some of those people. The bad news is that even most of the LEGAL IMMIGRANTS we get are a drag on the country and the sort of poor, uneducated, manual laborers we tend to draw here as illegal immigrants would be even worse if they were citizens.

So, think about all of this. Kids, many of them from broken homes, work their way through a school system that will push liberal ideas on them. They watch movies, listen to music, and participate in social media that pushes liberal values on them. Many of them have never been to church, worked for themselves, or been exposed to conservative values in any way except via deliberately deceptive propaganda pushed by liberals because America keeps getting more ideologically segregated in real life and online. They’ve been told they’re fragile, socially pressured to conform, and generally would have trouble doing much of anything that doesn’t involve playing a video game, being a wage slave for a corporation, and consuming products. Then, they’re given a choice between one side promising to do everything for them while the other tells them to take responsibility for their own lives. How do you think that’s going to play out?

We all want to skip to the end of the process, yell at some politicians and start winning, but that’s like an athletic, muscular guy who’s never had more than a few drunken bar brawls thinking that if he gets motivated enough, he can fight in the UFC. It just doesn’t work that way. It’s easy to blame the politicians and they certainly deserve it, but there needs to be a lot more focus on what WE can do. Because at the end of the day, there may be tens of millions of people like you and me, but if we just go along to get along, nothing is going to happen. We have to draw lines in the sand not just for the politicians, but for Hollywood, for music, for our schools, and for our churches. We have to support people doing good work and punish people that aren’t. We have to stand up and do the right thing, even if it feels like we’re standing alone. We have to do work, spend money we’d rather not spend, and be inconvenienced over our beliefs, and you know what? There may not be anyone standing there and applauding when we do it. In other words, the good times are only going to continue to last as long as we have enough strong men and women setting an example. The question in front of all of us right now is whether we’re going to be one of the strong ones or whether we’re going to sink down into the sea of mediocre people produced by the good times our nation is going through.

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