Thank you! There are many reasons for our social decline, most of which you covered. I would add that our tolerance for anything and the concern about people's feelings (not white men) is because of the feminization of our country. This is not meant to demean women. I think that what started with good intentions (womens movement), was hijacted by radical feminists seeking power or acting on their misandry.

People understand that in general, women are more empathetic. Works out quite well if you're giving birth and raising children. Empathy is not a weakness but a wonderful thing when balanced with rational expectations and emotional strength. Too much of either is a recipe for societal neurosis.

In other words, we need a proper balance of femininity and masculinity. Sadly, we have left young people bewildered with how to manage relationships with the opposite sex. Worse, we have torn down men while lifting women up. It leaves us with high suicide rates, loneliness, sexlessness and unhappiness.

Until we can get back to the proper balance of femininity and masculinity, a requirement for a healthy society; our house is built on sand. As you prescribed, we need leaders with the courage to stand up for what's right.

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I won't repeat myself by saying we all tend to go along to get along, or that people who speak out are considered obnoxious or opinionated, but with social media these days, apparently taking a stand against politically correct things can cost you. Personally, I don't give a rats patootie if people think I'm a jerk if I say something, but I'm not in the social media matrix, so I'm invisible to most people. My coworkers can't go to my boss and say, "look at this tweet or comment- we are outraged and offended, you've got to get rid of this guy!" What's the answer- be strong, have courage? Or keep your mouth shut because the weeds that stick up are the ones that get chopped off? I certainly didn't get any encouragement from my pastor at my (former) ELCA church; I left when they told me that it was wrong for me to oppose gay marriage in my church, and homosexual clergy and bishops. I agree with this essay 100%, just don't know what can be done to turn things around.

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"Christianity is in decline in America."

It's not just that more & more people are identifying themselves as something other than Christian. Many other people who, say they are Christian - attend church regularly, go to Bible studies, pray regularly, etc, say and do and believe things that are patently at odds with biblical teachings, biblical mandates. I don't mean they are sinning, know they are sinning and keep doing it. I'm talking about a large number of people who say they are Christians but who also condone and commit acts that are expressly sinful with the belief that those expressly sinful acts are not sinful (John 3:36 does to mind).

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