Deeply disturbing issues. It feels like a bad dream. When you have a media that acts as the propaganda arm of the Democrat party, there is no longer accountability. Thank you for being courageous and forthright.

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Sep 3, 2023Liked by John Hawkins

I appreciate your comment about liberals thinking only one turn ahead. It's a reality that the mainstream media can't memory hole because even they have to admit that eliminating the filibuster of a supreme court nominee is what gave Trump the opportunity to empanel conservative justices, thank God. The Left is so mad for power, and so unable to see the results of their actions that I believe they will do something that suicidal to our republic, like pack the Supreme Court and add "welfare" states, it's only a matter of time. However I do believe they must still wait for a little while, though, because the old cold war communist fighters are not quite yet too old and decrepit to take up arms and fight back, but we're sure getting there. Thanks for sounding the tocsin/ringing the alarm bells about this nightmarish scenario!

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