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You're right but I suspect your number of combatants, at least on the Right, is low. There are a number of conservative war veterans who have skills, though rusty, that could be rehoned and who currently belong to organizations (VFW, Am Vets, etc.) that obiviously attract veterans; these people are also geographically dispursed. I don't think the Left has a similar cohesiveness, other than governmental units and I suspect those units (including the military) might split their allegiance between the two sides.

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You’re right that for those not yet driven insane the very idea of fighting a war is unthinkable. Granny Get Your Guns? Probably not. Just call the police, NATO, rent-a-cops or the local mall or airport security. I know - Department of Homeland Security, FBI, or whatever.

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Here's my broken record spinning again, I suppose, but the desire to live free, an enthusiasm for revenge, or the thrill of taking down some of the enemy will always be overruled by God's authority, "Vengeance is mine." His judgment, the very thing the left sneers at, is what will probably protect them. Like the Jews in Nazi Germany, boarding the cattle cars heading east, believers won't fight, they'll submit. "Love thine enemies." I suspect the left will triumph in this fashion. A short-lived victory to be sure, with eternal consequences, but I'm pretty sure the Christian right will not take up arms against any American government. Rather, they will martyr themselves like those in Nero's Coliseum. (Note the contrast to the demonic lure of Islamic jihad., "kill the infidel.") Maybe the non-Christian right would, but that's not many, and they're pretty "fringey."

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Great article! Would like your permission to copy portions for my next bulletin to my downline. Perhaps you might add something about us NOT having midterm elections to begin with. Here's a summary of what I wrote on 8/11/22:


The Established Regime knows that it will lose the upcoming elections. They could try to rig them again, but too many people are watching now. Wouldn’t it be better if we just didn’t have the elections? That's what all Dictatorships have done from Hitler's Germany to Castro's Cuba and beyond...

THEY ARE GOING TO TRY TO POSTPONE (i.e., CANCEL) THE MIDTERM ELECTIONS using some incident (probably manufactured), or the general threat of Right-Wing violence as an excuse!

Have you heard of a ‘Declaration of Martial Law’ or a ‘Presidential Invocation of the Insurrection Act’?

Do you think 87,000 extra armed “IRS agents” are being recruited by accident…?

Do you think the TONS of ammo the Established Regime has recently purchased is just a coincidence…?

…Something to think about. And act upon.

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I believe that an American civil war would see heavy involvement by foreign "volunteers", mercenaries, "peacekeepers", "security contractors", etc.

Even a financially collapsed American would have a significant number of wealthy people able to fund military forces and numerous foreign players would have enormous incentives to get involved to protected their interests and strengthen their position in what happens later.

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