The truth of this essay is hard to read. It's even harder not to hate illegal immigrants and their helpers, liberals so ideologically crazed they can't or won't see the evil they do. How to stop them is the question. Because voting does not work.

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Yeah, this is what I've been seeing and talking about for some time. For many people I talk to, it's become too uncomfortable for them to face; they don't want to acknowledge that so many of their friends, neighbors, and family are either enthusiastically or ignorantly part of the wrecking crew. So they don't read or investigate, they simply swallow what the state run media serves them. Talk about the problems of illegal immigration, and I'm "racist" or xenophobic or a dreaded right wing MAGA extremist spreading the "debunked" replacement theory. We are on the Titanic, and senile Cap'n Joe says; "damn the icicles..., wait... those big, floating pieces of ice..., umm, anyways Full Speed Ahead!; I've got this, everything's under control, America!

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