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Excellent essay, and great comment by Humdeedee. I've never imagined that a group of people could be so stupid that they would say; "oh, sure, he failed yet again, but we really like him and we know he meant well, so let's give him another chance, right?" Or, in this case, an entire political party, the Democrats, who make failure automatic, yet claim to be smarter and morally superior to conservatives, when it's exactly the opposite. The people who enable this foolishness trigger negative consequences for everybody, but they think that because "we were trying to help," that they deserve a free pass and another opportunity to run the show. Frustration doesn't hardly begin to describe it, esp when so much of what they try to do is nullify the votes of conservatives by any means necessary. As in John's thesis, Democrats talking about helping black people, when the whole history of the United States shows Democrats have always been the party that discriminates against, exploits and rips them off. Failure is a job enhancer in that foul joke of a political party; no wonder Hillary was annointed to win and it "had to be collusion" when she didn't. Just look at Adam Schiff- he's so delusional he doesn't have a clue how to speak the truth, but it's okay to the Left that he lies about everything.

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Well done, John. Your description of the left's game is clear and truthful. The left is negative-life to the core, but they market a good story for those impressionable and easily led, or already locked into the jail of the leftist prison. How many women are in deep psychological pain because they believed the left's propaganda that abortion is a health care decision, and aren't most of them democrats? How many parents are seeing the results of their children's indoctrination in CRT, and watching them get sucked into the horror of transgenderism, and aren't most of them democrats? The people who know nothing but government dependence - aren't they all democrats? They see no escape. They keep voting for their own imprisonment because they are ignorant from years of democrat run schools that turn out people who have no skills or enough ability to hold a job that is better than minimum wage.

There are surely some democrats who are moderate and don't subscribe to the loud-mouthed, hate spewing progressives, but they are like conservatives. Busy working, raising families, and pursuing interests other than tearing apart our country. We need conservative voices like yours, telling it like it is.

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I think the thing that bothers me the most is that we have almost completely disconnected what people say from what they do and accomplish. This is across the board, all the way from the activist level up to DC. We don't do this anywhere else. If a builder said he wanted to make a mansion for you for $50,000 and had only produced a shack after he spent your money, you'd sue him. If you hired someone to run your small business and he promised to triple sales, but your sales went down and money started disappearing from your register, you'd fire him. Meanwhile, people like that in politics get promotions, pats on the back and lifelong jobs.

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Yes! That drives me crazy, too. How is it possible that miscreants in politics, too many to name, but Joe Biden is certainly a template, become fixtures while destroying the towns, cities, states or country they were/are elected to serve? Is the electorate too stupid, or easily gulled by lies repeated over and over again? So easily bought by gimmes?

I have very little confidence in voting as a means of filling political positions. If anyone can vote, even 16 years olds if democrats could have their way, and illegal aliens, and people who are here on green cards, yours and my vote is cancelled along with that of other legal voters. Back in the beginning of our country there were stipulations one had to meet in order to have the privilege to vote, and they made sense. One thing, of many, that really chaps me, is that anyone who does not pay income tax is allowed to vote. And women. Women shouldn't have the vote. There! I said it.

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